Lost in hard drive world

  staples printer cartridge 19:43 16 May 2005

I have a couple of MAxtor HDDs in my computer, of which the primary one is a bit noisy. It is 80Gb which is plenty fine, but thought I might upgrade it to something quieter and quicker? My motherboard is an MSI K7N2-Delta-ILSR (click here) - don't know how to do the click here thing! so I wondered if I should go for Serial ATA even though I know nothing about them, or should I just keep my old drive. Are they quicker/quieter? Any illumination would be gratefully received.
I am running XP Pro, Athlon Barton XP3200 and 1Gb RAM if that is relevant.

  Joe R 20:05 16 May 2005


I have just recently upgraded from this mobo, and know that it Doesn't support SATA, so unless you want to add a PCI SATA card, you will have to remain with IDE just now.

There is not a great, (if any) difference in speed between the two formats, so unless you are planning a few upgrades, it would be better to stick with the IDE hard drives for the minute.

  leo49 20:13 16 May 2005

That's just not so. I've got this board in my spare PC and it does support SATA - hence the SR suffix.Perhaps you're thinking of the cheaper K7N2 Delta-L?

If you're not too genned up on PCs the SATA can be a pain to set up - otherwise best stick to the IDE drives. The new Maxtor Diamondmax10's are quiet and big.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:16 16 May 2005

are the best if you want a quiet, reliable drive.


  Joe R 20:22 16 May 2005

you are of course quite correct.
It was the Delta-L.

I must read the thread correctly.
I must read the thread correctly.
I must read the thread correctly.
I must read the thread correctly.
I must read theee............:)

  leo49 20:24 16 May 2005


  Joe R 20:35 16 May 2005


Meant to add, recently upgraded to socket 939, Epox 9NPA+ultra, with diamondmax10 sata, was never asked for a driver, and when booting from XP home cd, was taken straight to the partition/format stage of the H/D.

Bios was only dated January 2005 (phoenix award) and all I had to do was turn off the onboard lan in the bios. ( all else was auto detected ).

staples, sorry for hijacking your thread.

  staples printer cartridge 22:29 16 May 2005

Looks like I will stick to what I have for now as I am not planning any other upgrades for a while. Just getting itchy fingers I reckon!

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