Lost Hard drive partition

  jonmaine 21:14 05 Dec 2003

After re-installing a registered copy of xp pro following the installation of an evaluation copy I have somehow installed it on a 2gb partition and cant see the other 115 gb of hd. Any ideas how to retrieve it and access it?

  Quiller. 21:31 05 Dec 2003

Start and right click my computer. Scroll down to manage and click. Now pick disk management and click. Your drives will be shown in the right hand window. Right click on your unused (115gig) and follow the prompts.

If you have got windows x\p on a 2gig partition then I think you are going to have problems. It wants to be far larger than that.

  powerless 21:36 05 Dec 2003

I would start again.

  jonmaine 21:49 05 Dec 2003

So this 2 gb partition is to small, can that be expanded or do I have to format that to and re install xp? If so how do I format a drive with xp onthis is where my problems started before?


  Quiller. 22:01 05 Dec 2003

If you have no critical data you want to loose and have all the driver disks. Then do as powerless says and start again. Get your computer to boot from c\drom, format and resize the partition on wndows x\p setup.

If you want to increase the size of the "C" drive to a more reasonable size and try and keep the data and drivers. Then use a product like partition magic if you have it. I think it was on one of the cover disks. Ranish partition may also do the job for you, this is free from a download. click here

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