Lost hard drive

  swapper 20:49 12 May 2004

Windows XP

I have just used fdisk and then

I want to install WinXP.

When I put the winxp disk in the drive to start,
it goes through the motions of loading and then reports that it canno find C drive.

If I restart and at the option to "press any key to boot from CD" and just leave it to run it finishes at a C:\ prompt...

If I entire dir at this prompt it tells me that the directory of C:\ is Command Com 93,890
1 file 93,890 bytes, and 0 directory 114,442.50 MB Free.

What have I done wrong pleeeeeeze :-))

why won't my winxp recognise C: drive?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:00 12 May 2004

Are the jumpers set ok?

What about the BIOS? Tell it to autodetect the disk.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:00 12 May 2004

By the way, fdisk is not ideal for large disks; better to use the XP CD to partition and format.

  keith-236785 21:04 12 May 2004

did you type

format c:/s

if so then it might be the system files on the drive causing a conflict with XP's setup (unlikely but thats computers for you)

start with a windows98 start-up disk, start without cdrom support and when you get the prompt A:>, type

format C:

press enter and let it do its stuff, once finished either name the drive or just press enter to continue without nameing the drive.

Remove the floppy disk, then change boot order to boot from cdrom first, insert winxp cd and reboot your pc. after this point follow on-screen instructions.

  2neat 21:05 12 May 2004

I would go with Diodorus Siculus. Use XP to setup disk. Look in your bios and check boot sequence a: c: d: etc.

  swapper 07:45 13 May 2004

paperman27 - I did exactly as you suggested (it was the easiest thing to try first) but the windows setup could not find a HD.

there are no jumpers on the hard drive?
it is a a western digital WD1200 120gb.
the options are:-

single or master - no jumpers
master with slave present - middle two
slave - second pair from left.

the bios is another matter - it is not the usual arrangement of old :-) so I am reluctant to interfere without advice?

It is Highpoint Technologies HPT370/372
the Main Menue show :-
1. create array..
2. Delete array..
3. Create/delete spare..
4. select boot disk..

I did select and enter 4. and it showed that
the PRIMARY MASTER (not shouting folks, just emphasing) is in fact my 120gb HD.

where would I be without you people :-)))

  temp003 14:13 13 May 2004

Are there not other IDE channels to install your hard disk on the motherboard (other than the HighPoint ones)? If so, try using the other IDE channels.

If you use the HighPoint connections, you may need to install the driver for the hard disk controller first, the HighPoint controller. Not sure.

See if there's a floppy that comes with the motherboard which contains the Highpoint driver. If not, browse your motherboard CD and find the driver.

Then as soon as XP Setup starts, press F6 a number of times (there should be a prompt at the bottom of the screen which appears for a short time).

Then you'll be prompted to insert floppy, and choose the driver - choose the one for XP (if there's a choice for RAID and non-RAID, choose the non-RAID one). Then follow the prompts.

You should reformat the drive in XP Setup, choose NTFS, unless you have a special reason for using FAT32.

Or post your motherboard model, and we may get a clearer picture of what you can do with this motherboard.

  temp003 14:15 13 May 2004

I meant to say that if you don't have the Highpoint driver on a floppy, browse the CD and put the driver on a floppy. Otherwise, go to the motherboard website, and download the driver, then put driver on floppy.

  swapper 16:30 13 May 2004

I haven't enough knowledge about IDE channels Tempo 003.

What I have done so far is fdisk, and format the 120gb drive.

What I did notice was that when I started to format it showed me that it was formatting 48,93.93M.
When it finished I went into C drive and it tells me that I have 114,442.94 MB Free, does this mean my 120 GB disk.

To be honest, I thought that when I put the WinXP disk in and restarted the PC it would start to install, but what I get is a message telling me that I should install a system disk.

I am beginning to think that I am slowly sinking into the $%^& :-))) unless you know better? :-))))))

And this is all because I wanted to install Ghost from Nortons System works.

My system was performing perfectly before that (a long story).

  swapper 16:31 13 May 2004

Sorry, I have the Highpoint floppy disk but the opportunity does not present itself for me to install it :-(

  temp003 00:51 14 May 2004

Are you booting from the CD? Go into BIOS settings, and change the boot order to CDROM first. Save BIOS settings. Insert XP CD, and restart computer. You should be prompted to "press any key to boot from CD". Just press any key on keyboard.

Get your finger ready on the F6 key. When you see XP Setup appearing, press F6 a number of times. [If your keyboard is USB, make sure in BIOS, USB legacy is enabled.] Then follow the prompts.

What is your motherboard model?

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