Lost half of Memory Chip?

  spuds 20:06 29 Aug 2003

Possibly a silly question!.Is it possible to have only half of a memory chip working. My computer as recently had an upgrade of harddrive,processor and new o/s XP Pro.When the computer was sent to the technician for the upgrading, it contained 2 banks of 256mb pc133[512mb] memory chips. When the computer was returned, it now shows only 380mb of ram present.Where as the 'lost' 128mb's gone?

The technician tell's me that it is possible, for a memory chip to partly fail,and work okay with the remaining good part of the memory. Is this possible?.

  BarryKeith 21:49 29 Aug 2003

If it was OK when you sent it for upgrade and is not working properly on return then the company doing the work are responsible for fixing it.

  spuds 22:36 29 Aug 2003

BarryKeith,thanks- I am not trying to put any blame onto anyone.Just trying to find out if it is possible for half a chip to work.

  spuds 14:36 30 Aug 2003


  The Sack 14:44 30 Aug 2003

if it worked when it went then the responsibility is with them, the "techician" is talking cobblers to shift the blaim.

  spuds 15:05 31 Aug 2003

Thanks for the input.But I am still asking the same question. Is it possible for a memory chip to work,if part of the chip, as a failure. I would have thought that the chip would have broken down completely if a fault was evident.Bang that's it - total caput, nothing showing on the computer.256mb totally lost.Where as the 'lost'128m gone, in my case?.

  krypt1c 15:19 31 Aug 2003

It does seem 'coincidental' that exactly half of a chip is 'missing'. Does your chip have 8 banks of memory ? It may be that 1 side has gone. Your technician's quote seems to conflict with this
click here

  hugh-265156 15:40 31 Aug 2003

do you have onboard graphics?

this shares the memory from the system ram and is maybe set in the bios to use 128mb.

  spuds 18:36 31 Aug 2003

Things are looking clearer for me.I had a recent processor upgrade and it showed up as an 1800 AMD instead of a 2200, due to what I was told was a motherboard configuration error.Apparently new driver download is required [got to check make of mobo].If the processor and memory have 'lost' some values, then this is perhaps the problem. Thanks again for the leads.

  hugh-265156 18:39 31 Aug 2003

use this click here it will let you know exactly what hardware you have.

  Rayuk 19:28 31 Aug 2003

Maybe your board needs a bios flash to recognise the cpu but this has nothing to do with your memory problem.

It was working ok when you passed it on for upgrade so it has happened while they had it so they should rectify the matter.

Download the Personal System Info version on huggy71 s link and post back details

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