lost gigabytes

  Ozy 22:49 10 Nov 2008

as i said in my "what have i done" post, i deleted Mandriva Linux.
it left a 64Gbts partition that i cannot access.
in Vista disc management i right click and click new volume,
it starts and assigns me a drive letter, i click finish,
the green bar turns blue, then i get this notice.
the opperation failed because the Disc Management console View is not
up todate,if the trouble persists close disc management, or restart computer.
if i reboot and try again i get the same message in Disc Management.
the bar at the top of the partition has turned blue,but no drive letter.
right click and only delete is available, i delete it.
right click either of two other partitions and click Extend Volume,
i get a box that says,
there is not enough space on the disc to complete this opperation,
close Disk Manager and restart,
can anyone sugest a Partition Manager that might help
how can i get the 64Gbts back

  Chas49 23:25 10 Nov 2008

It will be interesting if someone does know tis for I have the same problem - the only difference being that it was Ubunto that I got rid of. Now my hard disk on the XP machine insists on installing under the 'G' letter - this makes some games unplayable (notably Codemasters Toca 3 - much to my annoyance!) Apparently, this program wants to see the 'C' Drive and, of course, you cannot change the drive letter on this drive. As the machine is over 4 years old I have thought of renewing the hard drive itself. This is a problem you don't see every day and it is doubtful if anyone knows the answer I'm afraid. But, you never know, there are many talented users of this forum and, if they can help then they undoubtedly will!

  brundle 23:32 10 Nov 2008

Depending on the manufacturer of your hard drive (find out with this click here), you may find they do a partition management program. Seagate/Maxtor have MaxBlast which is a cut down version of Acronis, Western Digital have Data Lifeguard Tools for example

  alan2273 08:55 11 Nov 2008

Before attempting this, make sure you back up everything.

Download GParted (the ISO) and burn it to a disk.

Set your computer to boot of the CD/DVD drive.

Insert disk, look for the partition you deleted the Linux system from, (remember it does not show the drives as C,D,E etc, it will show them as hda 1, hda 2 etc, or if you have SATA drives as sda1 etc), after locating the partition and deleting it, click resize then click on your Windows partition and either use the slider to make the Windows partition absorb the LInux partition or do it using the boxes.

This works for Xp, I do not have Vista so I cannot say whether it will work with that although it is still the NTFS system so it should.

  Chas49 10:26 11 Nov 2008

Ozy: Have you tried Alan2273's solution? I downloaded GParted and made a boot disk but the installation stops when it reaches the 120 Raid Contollers detection stage. Perhaps others have had and found a solution to that problem?

  Quiller. 11:04 11 Nov 2008

killdisk click here

When I was dual booting Vista with ubuntu. Just make sure you wipe the correct drive ;-)

  DieSse 14:00 11 Nov 2008

In Disk Management, before you allocate the partition to Windows, you must first unallocate it from anything else.

You do so by deleting it, it should then show as unallocated.

Then you can go tho' the make a new partition and format it routine.

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