lost freecell

  Kypros 03:11 17 Feb 2003

I have recently had a new (Duron 1100) processor, (ASROCK K7VT2) motherboard and (Nvidia MX440SE-T) graphics card installed to my computer. It is a Windows 98 SE with 256MB ram and 2 hard drives. I have just discovered that I seem to have lost freecell, that is I just get a white blank screen and when I exit I get an error message concerning memory overload followed by a general protection fault. I have tried removing and re-installing the games from my Win98SE CD ROM but it makes no difference.
Has anyone any ideas for a fix that are not too technical?

  Kypros 12:22 17 Feb 2003

On second thoughts, I'll accept any solution, including "too technical" solutions.

  AubreyS 12:46 17 Feb 2003

I don't think that this is the same as the Windows version but click here

  Kypros 12:57 17 Feb 2003

Thank you, but I am not a freecell addict....I just want my computer system working properly so I don't get mega-hassle from my critics.
I know it can be cured, I don't know how.

  johnem 13:48 17 Feb 2003

Kypros, not sure if it is any help, but I beklieve that freecell is part of W98SE. In which case, you could try running 'System file checker' by selecting "Start", then "run" then type in sfc. The puter should then give you two options, select "Scan for altered files". You will need the W98SE CD rom disc in your CD reader.If SFC finds files missing, it will ask if you want to reinstall these. Take a little care, if your not sure click "NO".

If this does not work, you might have to overlay W98SE again over the top to restore the lost features.

Post back here for more help.

  byraway 15:03 17 Feb 2003

Click Start then Settings then Control Panel
Select Add/Remove Programs then Windows Setup, - double click on Accessories. Tick the Games section , or if already ticked, untick then re-tick.You may be asked to insert your Windows 98 disc.
O.K. out to your desktop and hopefully this will solve your problem

  byraway 15:50 17 Feb 2003

Sorry Kypros.
Just noticed you've done all that - I should have taken the time to read your original post fully.

  Kypros 16:24 17 Feb 2003

Checked out your possible solution and found setupx.dll was corrupted. Having replaced that file from the disk and run a re-check to get no files corrupted, guess what? Freecell still does not work. Can it be my new video card/drivers?
Strange thing is, all the other card games on the Accessories list work OK no problem.

  ©®@$ђ 16:33 17 Feb 2003

is known to show up corrupted in 98, it is a bug, so replacing it wouldn't make a difference

part of the problem is due to the major upgrade you have done, windows can get confused due tot he fact that you upgraded your motherboard,cpu and video card

when i do a major upgrade of this sort i tend to back things up and do a clean install, windows runs so much better after!

you could try uninstalling the video cards drivers and re-installing to see if it helps.

also goto start/run and type dxdiag

and do the display test there, it may be something to do with the directx, see what results you get back

  Kypros 16:53 17 Feb 2003

Followed your advice and got the following result:

DxDiag Notes
DirectX Files Tab: No problems found.
Display Tab 1: The file nvdisp.drv is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware .
DirectDraw test results: All tests were successful.
Direct3D test results: All tests were successful.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Music Tab: No problems found.
Input Tab: No input devices detected.
Problems were found in the system registry. Details are available in the saved text file. You should reinstall DirectX.
Network Tab: No problems found.

What it means by "saved text file" is a mystery to me.
This is getting very deep and I'm learning nothing except how complicated puters are.
Maybe I should refer all this back to my partner who installed the new gear as a Xmas present.

  BlueMeanie 21:10 17 Feb 2003

I've got freecell on a floppy as a set of games called Microsoft "Best of Enterainment" E-mail me your address if you want a copy, - it might be slight different to win98SE version and usable.

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