Lost folder in Outlook

  john bunyan 10:40 16 Nov 2012

I have W7, Use Outlook for e mail. I was trying to move an incoming e mail to a folder (lets say Folderwww) by dragging and dropping it into the folder in the left navigation pane. Somehow the whole folder has disappeared. It is not in the deleted file. I cannot find it as a sub folder. Any suggestions?

  Sea Urchin 10:53 16 Nov 2012

Is it in the Recycle Bin?

Or maybe try a Windows search for the folder name

  QuizMan 11:25 16 Nov 2012

When this has happened to me in the past, it has usually ended up as a sub-directory of one of my other folders. In Outlook 2003, I have an "All Mail Folders" list in the left hand column. Within that list, any folders with a sub-directory have a + sign against them.

  Sea Urchin 12:32 16 Nov 2012

QuizMan - I would agree as this has happened to me on more than one occasion.

  Woolwell 12:50 16 Nov 2012

Happened to me too!

  john bunyan 14:40 16 Nov 2012

Thanks folks. Co incidentally I had a major crash following last nights W7 updates. The recycle bin is not the culprit. I have looked on folders to find sub directories but so far not found. Will report back after more checks. Tried using Widows explorer but no luck.

  Woolwell 14:58 16 Nov 2012

Looked in archive folders?

  Woolwell 14:59 16 Nov 2012

Forgot to ask - do you back up your pst file? If so restore from that.

  john bunyan 15:34 16 Nov 2012


I usually back them up daily to another drive. Had some rather disturbing medical news recently so have been a bit remiss, but worth a try. The problem is how to get at the file. I keep all my Outlook on my Data File partition in F:\My Documents\My Outlook. In there, and on its back up in I\Backup of my documents\My Outlook is only am "Archive" folder. How to explore it?

  Woolwell 16:08 16 Nov 2012

As far as I am aware you cannot explore it.

I still think that the folder is there somewhere. Have you looked under calendar, etc as well as mail? If it is deleted it normally goes into the deleted items first.

  john bunyan 16:48 16 Nov 2012


Thanks. Will keep looking. Luckily there was nothing too vital lost. Still a pity the back up is so opaque - I wish it were more like W Explorer.

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