Lost Folder in Outlook

  john bunyan 16:44 29 Sep 2011

I had a folder - "RMA" - in Outlook (W7). I deleted one incoming message from the folder but the whole folder seems to have dissapeared. When I search with a key word most of the items are there but the key word also brings up other folders. My Outlook is on my data partition under "My Documents" / My Outlook and is regularly synched with another HD. I tried to restore from this but a message said this file is in use. Quite a mystery. I have looked to see if the folder has somehow become a sub folder - not - and the deleted items are individual old e mails.Any ideas?

  Woolwell 18:32 29 Sep 2011

It should be in the deleted folder if it was actually deleted and it should have come up with a prompt "do you want to do this". Are you absolutely sure it is not now a sub folder? Which version of Outlook?

  john bunyan 11:44 30 Sep 2011

Woolwell. I have MS Office 2007 plus Outlook add on. I think the problem is now solved. Somehow the mail in this folder had moved to the arhived folder list at the bottom of the right hand choice! Now have moved the contents back. How it happened I don't know! Will mark as resolved.

  Woolwell 11:47 30 Sep 2011

I've had something similar happen with a folder moving. I put it down to finger trouble/poor mouse coordination. Never did discover why or which finger.

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