Lost Files thru cut & paste from phone to laptop

  kxenon 15:02 04 Oct 2017

Hi! I tried using tune app and other software to recover the files both in android phone and in laptop. First, we transfer the files specifically picture from android phone to laptop via cut and paste method (using a usb connector),while transferring the photos which nearly completed,i transfer again the videos by cut and paste,right after that,all the tabs from the laptop shut down,then when we check the folder in the laptop where we transfer,only videos are there but the pictures are lost Both in the laptop and in the phone. I tried to restart the laptop and phone and search the pictures but theres nothing left but the videos.Theres no pictures too in the recycle bin. I click right click from the space inside the folder in the laptop where i transfer,there is a undo delete so i tried to click,then sonething pop up that i think is my lost pictures buffering and counting then it disappear. When i check the folder,all i thought i finally recover them but theres nothing. Help me. I also tried the search bar using "IMG_" still theres nothing.

Please help me. The pictures are very important because i have no other copy than that. Those pictures where taken when me and mom had a trip. Please somebody help me.

  hastelloy 08:28 05 Oct 2017

Someone will no doubt send you a link to a good recovery app.

However there are 2 lessons to be learnt here. Firstly, use copy and paste not cut and paste. Then when you are sure the files are where you want them to be delete the originals. Secondly always keep a backup of everything, preferaby on an external HDD.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:53 05 Oct 2017

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