Lost Files SD Card / Mac / PC

  Rachel Mifsud 12:45 02 Jan 2018

Hi - So i had loads of photos on a Samsung hard drive that I had added to it through my MAC. I went on holiday and took loads of photos on my camera and when I came back i plugged the Samsung hard drive into my laptop (windows) and moved the photos from the SD card to the Samsung hard drive. I unplugged the hard drive and plugged it back in to double check the photos were on there then deleted the pics from my SD card. I also took some photos on my iphone on holiday , so i then plugged my iphone and Samsung hard drive into the MAC and transferred the photos from the iphone on to the Samsung hard drive. The issue i noticed was that the photos I'd just transferred from the SD card weren't there. I swapped the Samsung hard drive back in to the latop to see if i could see them on there and they weren't there either. After much reading i downloaded a free file recovery program and recovered the files that id lost back to the SD card. I then plugged the SD card into the MAC but only about 100 of the 900 have recovered properly. The photos are of the temples in Cambodia, so it was a bit of a holiday of a life time, and I would love to hear from anyone who has any ideas of how to get them back,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 02 Jan 2018

HAve you tried running the recovery program of the HDD?

What program did you use?

  Rachel Mifsud 16:50 02 Jan 2018

Hi the recovery program I tried was Recuva. How would I go about running the recovery program on the HDD?


  amyheimbach 09:27 05 Jan 2018

Hi, you could try free RePicvid to recover photos from HDD.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 05 Jan 2018

Recuva is a good program

Plug the HDD into the laptop and run recuva point it to the external drive and see what is found.

  Ellinor William 05:17 30 Jan 2018

Hi Rachel, Did any of the above solution work for you? Try using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. I tried it recently. Worked for me.

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