Lost file password

  Barnacarry 10:49 07 Apr 2009

Over a year ago I protected a particular file with a password, which, due to old age, I have obviously forgotten. Is there any way of finding out what it might be?

  Technotiger 10:56 07 Apr 2009

Yes possibly - click here install this (free) and then run it ( a useful item to keep anyway) - then click on Secrets in the left-hand column, you might then find your forgotten password.

If this one does not work, try click here then click on Configuration in the lower left-hand column, then click on the Keys icon to see your passwords.

Good luck.

  Barnacarry 11:28 07 Apr 2009

Hi Technotiger, I downloaded both of the above but they only gave me the passwords for my email and pc advisor.

  Graphicool1 11:46 07 Apr 2009
  Sea Urchin 11:52 07 Apr 2009

There are programs which claim to reveal your passwords, but usually they have to be paid for - although Graphicool1's link above deserves a look.

There is a program called Advanced Office Password Recovery on the link below - you can download a trial version to play with. It only reveals the first 3 characters of the password, but this could well be enough to remind you what it is.

click here

  Barnacarry 12:06 07 Apr 2009

Graphicool1 - WOW!!! I've now got a headache!

  Barnacarry 12:29 07 Apr 2009

Sea Urchin - Thanks for that, it was worth a go. I've run it 3 times with different criteria but to no avail. I must have put one hell of a password in that file. I just hope it's not my Swiss Bank a/c number.

  Graphicool1 12:42 07 Apr 2009

Try these...
click here

  Barnacarry 13:06 07 Apr 2009

Graphicool1 - Thanks for the site but it refers to unlocking the password behind the asterisks, which Word does'nt have. (I should have mentioned it was a Word document, sorry)

Anyway, thank you all for your assistance and I now have to shoot off to my next 27 hour shift but if you think of anything else I shall log in on Wednesday night.


  Graphicool1 13:24 07 Apr 2009

This might be a 'try before you buy' but a try might be all you need. click here

This is a 'try before you buy'
click here

  Barnacarry 20:50 08 Apr 2009

Graphicool1 - Words fail me. You have produced a miracle. IT WORKS!!!
Squidoo.com took 40 seconds to delete the password enabling me to open it normally and I am now a rich man.
Thank you ever so much for your persistance. I am truly gratefull.

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