'Lost' emails vanished from Outlook Express

  webber_man 13:28 28 Mar 2006


I have just been searching for some emails that i had saved in a folder i created within Outlook Express and the folder is empty!

I have then looked in some other folders that i moved messages to and they are also empty - including my 'drafts' folder. I certainly haven't deleted them.

Does anyone have any idea how these emails would have been deleted? And more importantly how i would get them back? Would they be stored somewhere?


  johnnyrocker 13:30 28 Mar 2006

you could run a search for dbx files but if you have xp i would favour trying system restore.


  webber_man 14:54 28 Mar 2006

Unfortunately none of my restore points work!

I'll search for the .dbx files...

  webber_man 15:06 28 Mar 2006

Might sound a silly question but where would i find these .dbx files? Done a search and the only ones that come up are 2 old ones from 2004.

I thought there is normally one .dbx file for each folder/account in outlook express - or have i got that wrong?

  961 15:26 28 Mar 2006

Have you scanned on line for virus/trojan?

  webber_man 15:34 28 Mar 2006

Ok..i've found the .dbx files! Phew!

Unfortunaltely the files that correspond with the outlook express folders are all just 59kb - meaning that they don't contain any data.

I have about a dozen folders where the emails have disappeared. As i am unable to use the system restore is there any other way i can get these emails back?

  ACOLYTE 15:34 28 Mar 2006

you could try click here


click here

I havent used them myself but on doing a forum search i found topics where these apps where linked for similar problems your having.

  The Spires 16:36 28 Mar 2006

Or OE Reader on the page click here Freeware.

  webber_man 19:11 28 Mar 2006

Thanks for the links guys - i'll have a look.

961 - Yes, have run a virus/trojan check and all's well it seems.

...its just weird as its as though someone has just gone into each of the folders and deleted all the emails - which i, or no one else, has done.

I'll look at though links and look about elsewhere and see what i can find out.

Cheers again.

  Wak 19:25 28 Mar 2006

Hi, If you use Internet Explorer then I.E. also controls Outlook Express.
Try to repair I.E. and this should also repair Outlook Express and may solve your problem.
Have you tried sending yourself an e-mail so that you can try to see what happens to it??

  webber_man 20:26 28 Mar 2006

Thanks for the info. Funnily enough i have recently (2-3 weeks ago) installed IE7. But had no problems with it, or anything else...or so i think.

As for emails - i can send and receive emails as normal, although i have found in the past couple of weeks that Outlook Express has been continually asking for my passwords for my hotmail accounts. This is despite them being saved.

As things stand all my Hotmail folders (and most folders relating to other email addresses i have) are fine. It is just these dozen or so (that i created primarily for storing old Hotmail and other emails that have had the files/emails deleted from them. As the .dbx files that correspond to these folders do not contain the data i'm unsure where else to look. As mention my System Restore isn't working for some reason.

The link that was given to me above (click here) looks like it may be useful.

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