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  Shine77 21:27 04 Apr 2006

Hi, I posted about this in the Absolute Beginners section but I'm thinking it might be more fitting to put it here instead...

I was looking for information about backing-up important data on my PC and came across this thread about backing up emails in OE

click here

Having read through it all I decided it would be easier to back-up emails if they were in My Documents so I went through the recommendations in the fifth post down.


When I went to My Documents I discovered
1. That while the seperate files in OE have been saved, I can't open them and I'm not sure if that's normal. The same applies to the addresses I saved.

But worse than that...
2. Some of the folders from OE and the emails in them have seem to have been saved to My Documents rather than just copied so I can no longer access them at all. These folders in OE, seven of them, are now empty.

I'm not sure how or why this has happened but can anyone tell me how to transfer the contents of these folders back to OE!

And if it would make more sense to try and return my Store of emails back to where it was in the first place. In which case, how do I do that?

Many thanks in hopeful anticipation...!

  VoG II 21:47 04 Apr 2006

I'm not sure what you have done or why but have you tried Import on the File menu in OE?

  Shine77 21:58 04 Apr 2006

Okay, I tried that but I got this message after I located the folders :

'No messages could be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open.'

And, no, I don't know what I've done either but I fear it's not good. As for why I did it, well, I was trying to do the right thing and get a workable backup of my emails! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I guess...

  VoG II 22:05 04 Apr 2006

Search for *.dbx files.

  lotvic 22:58 04 Apr 2006

Outlook Express > Tools > Options > Maintenance tab and click on 'Store Folder' button (this will tell you where OE is currently storing your email that is in the folders displayed when you are using OE)

a search on your pc for *.dbx will reveal all the store folders (including copies of) and their respective locations on your hard drive

Open OE in the Identity that you want the folders to end up in > File > Import > Messages > choose Outlook Express 6 (that refers to the original prog that created the .dbx files you want to import) > click on 'Next' > Put a dot in 'Import mail from an OE6 store directory' > click on OK > Browse to the location of your .dbx folders that are not currently in the folders displayed in OE and Import them

How to backup Outlook Express (OE) Email click here

click here

click here

  Shine77 09:11 05 Apr 2006

The problem is that I know where the *dbx files are but can't open them in that place which makes me wonder if they're stored properly.

And, like I said, certain folders from OE only exist in My Documents now (but still unopenable), not in OE. I tried again to Import doing what was said them but I still get the message :

'No messages could be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open.'

  GroupFC 10:14 05 Apr 2006

.dbx files are database files and as such you will need a programme to open them. As you now where they are located you could try OE Reader from click here or try the OE Viewer from the same site (go to the OE Reader page and scroll down to the bottom where you will find a link to OE Viewer (freeware)).


  Shine77 12:11 05 Apr 2006

I downloaded OE Viewer 2.0 but can't make it run on my PC.

But even being able to read them, while very handy, still doesn't let me transfer the 'moved' mails back to OE.

Would the 'Restore' option, on XP, cause more trouble than it may or may not solve?

  lotvic 23:17 05 Apr 2006

"....try closing applications that may have files open"

The only prog you should have open when using Import is OE. Do not have Windows Explorer open and listing the dbx files.

  Shine77 08:52 06 Apr 2006

Yes, I tried it like that but it made no difference. I still get the same message, even though the files still exist.

  lotvic 11:37 06 Apr 2006

In Windows Explorer - using drag & drop or copy & paste:
"To restore the backup data, just copy it back to the directory. You can selectively restore folders by just copying specific files back." (extract taken from my link click here )

does that work?

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