Lost the drive

  Muergo 09:49 06 Oct 2009

From my other thread, now closed, Technotiger advised swapping new internal drive with old one after cloning the contents.
This has worked fine, the PC is working much faster now it has more spare space, but I cannot get the old Cdrive, now named drive 1 as the system juggled all the drive numbers and letters around, to be recognised.

When I first started the new system, an Acronis panel said there was new hardware and this would be recognised after reboot which I have done twice now.
Belarc lists it as working HEALTHY but it doesn't appear on the "MY Computer" list or on Belarcs Local Drive Volumes.

  Technotiger 09:53 06 Oct 2009

How exactly, is the old drive now connected - and did you check the Jumpers are correctly positioned?

  Muergo 10:34 06 Oct 2009

They are both set to "cable select" pins 1&2, should the new "slave" ie the old drive be set to something else?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:16 06 Oct 2009

Set jumpers on new dive as Master and old drive as Slave cable select gives problems if using old 40 pin IDE cables rather than 80- pin cables.

  Muergo 11:51 06 Oct 2009

I am using 39 pin connectors, but I have put in a new cable that has the connectors as a round cable not a flat ribbon. I have no choice as the circuit board has only one 39 pin socket, can't see any others if they are close by. So which pins should be jumped on both drives, the new bigger one now as the drive 0 is working perfectly, I don't really need the other one but it still has a complete copy on it, I did not reformat it, it only has 4Gb space left on it.
What I had in mind was to keep that as a backup for when I do a complete reinstallation on drive 0 of Windows 7 when it arrives.

  DieSse 12:05 06 Oct 2009

All IDE cables are 40 pin. The difference is old ones have 40-wires, new ones have 80 wires (the extra wire are for noise reduction, and thus higher data rates.

40wire cables don't do cable select at all - you need 80wire cables for that.

  Muergo 12:49 06 Oct 2009

My ribbon cable, the one I took off has IDE -1 printed on it, and the new one, have two rows of connectors, one row has 20 the other 19 with a blank at pin11.

The Dell manual specifically says quote:
"your computer uses cable-select drive cables, which means that the device connected to the end connector of the drive cable is the master device and the device connected to the middle connector is the slave device.Be sure that the jumper setting on the new device is set for "cable select" " unquote.

The label on the drive says jump pins 1&2 which is how it came in the package.

The new drive is coming up as drive0 letter C: and is working a treat, just need Drive 1 to be activated with another letter.

One little snag, I have lost a few e-mails in the cloning process so would like to see what's on the old drive.

  Muergo 13:20 06 Oct 2009

Yes, my ribbon has 80 wires but only 39 connectors, so the interstitial ones aren't connected.

  DieSse 14:50 06 Oct 2009

That's all fine then - they're 80-wire cables, and you can use cable select. Both drives should be set to cable select.

However - look at the pin numbers for the jumpers very carefully on the drive.

On the Seagare drive I'm looking at right now

Pins 1&2 are Capacity limit to 32GB
Pins 3&4 are not used
Pins 5&6 are Cable Select
Pins 7&8 are Maaster or Single drive

No jumpers at all are Slave Drive

So check on yours.

On Seagate drives Pins !&2 are the pins next to the power Connector.

  Muergo 18:53 06 Oct 2009

Both the drives are Western Digital, and they are clearly marked 1&2 for cable select, so both are on cable select.
I think the problem is with my not initialising or programming drive 1, the old 0 drive, now the slave, What do I do in disk management or Acronis to get it recognised as such by the computer.

  Technotiger 18:57 06 Oct 2009

Regardless of cable-select try this - if both drives are on the same IDE cable, make sure that the New C: Drive is on the End of the cable and that the old drive is on the Middle connection. Then ensure that Jumpers are set - Master for the New drive and Slave for the old drive.

If this does not show your drives in My Computer, you can always put them back as they were. So worth trying.

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