Lost Drive

  micky k 07:49 10 Nov 2006

I have a problem with a hard drive in my machine.
I have two hard drives fitted and both partitioned into four partitions. What happens is that the drive set up as a slave on the secondry some times is seen but will not work it doesnt show its other three partitions and when you try to open the drive it says it is not formatted. Then the next time you boot all may be fine???? and it all shows and works.
Any suggestions please.Running XP pro and all updates and service pack 2.

  xania 08:47 10 Nov 2006

Forget about the software. I would suspect that either you have a loose connection between the motherboard and the drive, or the power supply to the drive is loose, or a developing fault in the data cable, or the drive itself is on the way out. Be prepared for the worst and at the first opportunity make sure everything is backed up, then (and only then) thoroughly check all your connections. When you turn off your PC on one occasion when the drive cannot be seen, see if is as warm as the other one - if it is, suspect the data connection, if not suspect the power or the drive itself.

  micky k 16:45 10 Nov 2006

Many thanks.
But there is no problem with connections, all brand new leads and 550watt supply. Whenever the drive does not work it always shows it there but without partitions. You can click on the drive letter showing and all it says is the drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now. So some times it sees it as the drive and partitions and works fine then it doesnt. I would have though it would have been one or the other if any of the faults would have been as you said. If I go into disc management and alter the drive letter and then rebbot it starts working again. Bur at some point it will then revert to not working. But all ideas are welcome thanks,

  xania 16:55 11 Nov 2006

Still its got to be hardware. Maybe the casbles are new, but are the connections firm. Also try a second power connection - you could always have a dodgy one. However, I reckon the drive is unreliable, but to test it, try it out on somone else's PC and see if it still does the same thing. I would also check the warranty. If its still live, get it checked where you bought it.

  micky k 08:30 13 Nov 2006

Many thanks for your replies will try all that you have mentioned and see if it still plays up

  Terry Brown 08:49 13 Nov 2006

I do not know what type of drive you have, but MAXTOR make a hard drive tester(I believe it is called MAXBLAST). The program [run from floppy] can do a hardware test on your drive and well as a low level format (which wipes all data and resets the drive hardware, assuming there is no mechanical damage if you require.

  micky k 15:24 13 Nov 2006

Many thanks Terry yes it is a Maxtor will try what you suggest thanks.

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