lost document

  palinka 15:07 19 May 2012

Just spent an hour writing a wordd doc and then clicked "No" to"Save changes?". So of course it has vanished .

My OS is Vista which means i can do a search for phrases included in the doc, but that hasn't helped either.

IS there any solution, please?

  compumac 15:37 19 May 2012

When you say you clicked clicked "No" to "save CHANGES", then did it exist before you worked upon it? .

  mimosa418 16:15 19 May 2012

Assume you are using Word It would exist originally as a blank document. Did you have auto save on. Search for 'auto save' in the Word Help for instructions. You may be lucky and have at least some of your document.

  palinka 16:53 19 May 2012

Compumac, I had previously saved a doc called (let's say) "Letter"; then i opened it and added a lot to it and saved it as "letter B" and deleted the original saved "Letter". It was Letter B that I lost, and of course even the small part that was "Letter"is no longer available because I knowingly deleted that! It's what comes of being in a hurry and trying to do several things at once. Thanks for your suggestion , Mimosa418; I'll try that.

  compumac 17:31 19 May 2012

You say that you "saved" Letter B, so if it was "saved" without you deleting it, it should be still around somewhere. Where are your saved documents located?

It might be possible to recover the original "letter" if it has not been overwritten.

  compumac 17:32 19 May 2012

Addendun: 1) Look in recycle bin. 2) Try using Recuva.

  BRYNIT 17:42 19 May 2012

I'm a little confused. If you opened the original letter/doc to add to it you would not be able to delete this files until you saved it under a different name or closed the file before deleting. After deletion of the file it would have been put into your recycle bin unless you have emptied it.

You say "I had previously saved a doc called (let's say) "Letter"; then I opened it and added a lot to it and saved it as letter B"; did you save it as letter B after alterations or was you going to save it and then selected no. If you did not save it you have lost all you have retyped.

  palinka 18:11 24 May 2012

suspect I did the latter, Brynit.
Not surprised you are confused - I was douing cpom-licqted changes to something that started life as an email, then became Word doc and then became a different Word doc.

Decided that in the end it was easiest to re-type the whole thing - I had some pencilled notes. The various links , inc one to Recuva, were useful on this occasion. Last time I messed things up like this ( about 10 years ago, I think) I used something like Recuva, but i'd forgotten its existence.

Anyway, thanks everyone -i've re-written so problem now solved

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