Lost directory trying to gain access to old drive

  Csdreamer 04:50 07 Apr 2017

Okay so I have an old laptop that was running Windows 8 and died on me. The new laptop runs Windows 10. What I was trying to do was pull the music off of my hard drive from the old laptop, but couldn't gain security access because it was password protected. I screwed up and I'll admit it. I started changing the attributes trying to make it mine, that I was the owner. For some reason something happened I'm not too sure what happened? I got deep into the security attributes I screwed up I was guessing. After accepting changing certain things all the sudden rewrote it I thought everything was good and now, gave me access to the files, but now I've lost the directory! My music and users profiles are missing. I get nothing as where it came up as like administrators users and public I have no access to that anymore, it's not even there just comes up as a like if I was in C drive without a directory. I can't find my music but in the properties the hard drive says I have 257 gigs there being used. I appreciate your input and I swear I will never do this again without consulting with an advisor and a professional but can you help me reconfigure the security settings so I can get it to rebuild the directory back or am I screwed?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:05 07 Apr 2017

Try using a recovery program like the free Recuva to restore your files

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