Lost dialing sounds/connection icon

  mickmoran61 23:24 09 Mar 2004

I recently had a serious computer crash (viral?)
I had to reinstall Win XP. I still have my data but I feel like I have a "new" computer. I've had to reinstall all of my programmes. My Profiles are gone and there are other changes.

Can anyone help me recover 2 items?

1. The dialing sound when my modem is dialing up an ISP.
2. The connection icon on the taskbar (like 2 small connected computers) which shows that I'm connected and allows me to disconnect without having to restart my PC.

I have a PC with a 1.53ghz AMD Athlon chip and 256Mb RAM

Thanks in advance

  wallbash 23:44 09 Mar 2004

Network connections, icon in Control Panel. then Local Area connections, Prop, General Tab, tick, Show icon in nitification area with command.

  mickmoran61 00:05 10 Mar 2004

Thanks WallBash,

Connection icon OK.

Still need help with dialling sounds (all other sounds OK!)


  lpl56407 06:00 10 Mar 2004

Have you tried Control Panel, Modem, Properties and then Mode Speaker on/off?

  mickmoran61 20:33 10 Mar 2004


Yes I have Speaker Volume in modem properties ON (the slide is all the way to the right!)


What bothers me is that all this worked before the "crash"!

  christmascracker 20:44 10 Mar 2004

Network connections/right click your connection/properties/under the connect using box click on configure and make sure there is a tick in enable modem speaker

  mickmoran61 02:45 28 Mar 2004

Dear christmascracker

I checked the properties of both my ISPs. Both have "Enable modem speaker" checked "on".

Sorry for delay in response,

I still have no modem sounds


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