Lost the Defrag for Windows XP

  rlh1965 13:47 19 Jun 2003


Here is another XP problem I've gotten into

A few weeks back I downloaded Executive Software's Diskeeper, I was hoping it would be an alternative to the regular Deframenter installed with windows,

Well for some reason it took the PLACE of the defragmenter that comes with XP

Since then I have deleted/removed Diskeeper with Add/Remove software in the Control Panel, but NOW I do not have ANY defragmenter

If I double click on My Computer then right click on the C: Drive then select properties then Tools....the Defragment options is grayed out, it states there is now defragmenter installed

How can I get the original Deframenter back??

  PSF 13:49 19 Jun 2003

Have you tried system restore to the time before you installed Diskeeper

  Jester2K II 13:54 19 Jun 2003

Well for some reason it took the PLACE of the defragmenter that comes with XP

It does that. I've been running Diskeeper for months just fine.

Try their tech support...

If you're trying out the latest releases (demo versions) of our software or if you've purchased a license in the last 90 days, you can reach Technical Support by telephone at +44 (0)1342 327477, or you can click here for our email support service.

In all other cases please use our on-line support click here. You will most likely find the answer you were looking for here.

  rlh1965 14:37 19 Jun 2003

Can't seem to get through to Executive Software, tried sending them a email, but you have to enroll, and the web site is not working....I guess I could try calling them......

If I reinstsall the software (Diskeeper), is there some way to get back a choice of using the XP version of defragmenter??

As for System Restore, it has been turned off, temp. so that would not help me

I got my version of XP installed on my Sony Desktop PC , so I do not have a full version of XP, is there nay way to reinstall the original Defragmenter

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