lost data trauma

  stingray 20:23 28 May 2003

Can anyone help please my daughter has accidentaly deleted some very important files from her uni project and they are not replaceable. some of the files are quite large and include .avi files would appreciate any advice please.Thanks!

  stingray 20:26 28 May 2003

forgot to add running xp home.

  toxin 21:39 28 May 2003

Hi Stingray!

Will a System Restore to a point previous to the deletion do it?

I'm running XpHome, and did a restore this morn and got back a lot of deleted files.


  stingray 20:43 30 May 2003

Thanks for reply toxin could you explain a little further am new to xp and are not sure how to go about it.

  Granger 20:50 30 May 2003

Try to find someone locally with a copy of Norton Systemworks. That will have undelete.exe and other useful tools you can use without illegally installing the software.

  DieSse 20:58 30 May 2003

Are they not still in the Recycle bin?

  stingray 21:39 30 May 2003

Tried system restore didn't work no they are not in the bin some of the files were too big for the bin and were deleted immediatly, will try to get copy of norton in meantime does anyone know of any useful websites.
Thanks for helping guys.

  DieSse 00:23 31 May 2003

Try this click here

  -pops- 06:53 31 May 2003

Another click here

I don't want to lecture on the wisdom of backups but - - -


  stingray 21:04 01 Jun 2003

tried the links, look promising but the trial programs only allow recovery of tiny files and the files I need to recover run into many gigabytes hence the lack of back up so I am going to take granger's advice and try systemworks got one coming will let you know how it goes.appreciate the help.

  Granger 22:34 02 Jun 2003

Stingray - I was thinking just see if you know anyone who has it. Anyway, you'll get an option to run some tools without installing the software. But even better, just browse the CD in windows explorer and you will find all those old DOS tools, put there for those who know what to look for (someone told me!!!)

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