Lost data on disk

  User-178362 20:26 20 Aug 2006

I had all my pictures on a disk with some free space. I decided to put my downloads on the disk, now the disk is full it takes a long time to open, when it does there is notheing there.

  DieSse 22:02 20 Aug 2006

What kind opf disk are you talking about - your hard drive floppy disk or CD?

And what program are you using - please give us some more information, we can't guess what you're trying to do.

  User-178362 18:41 21 Aug 2006

Lost data off a CD-R80. I am using XP.

  DieSse 20:46 21 Aug 2006

You may have (accidentally) made a multi-session CD - you may have made it incorrectly somehow - the CD may simply be corrupted.

There are data recovery programs if it's essential you get the information back. Most of them you have to pay for - so is it essential that you get the information back - or is this just a "faulty" CD and you can write another one?

This is a very well known program click here other people may be able to suggest others if you really need them.

  User-178362 23:49 21 Aug 2006

I have made a number of disks. Do not know if I have made multi-session CD's I always us XP to transfer my pictures onto CDs. There wasn't anything wrong with the disk before I tried to copy my downloads onto it. Does this mean I could easily lose info on the other disks. I have spent months putting them all together on disks. There is so much to read on the link, maybe I'm dim but I can't take it all in. It mentioned buffer and Sony. I have copied a disk tonight and it said these names does this mean I could lose that info too? Yes please I would like more help. On 7-Zip do I click on .exe or .mis? Which one of the three do I click on? I am realy lost.

  DieSse 23:58 21 Aug 2006

Check all your existing CDs

If they work, don't copy any more to them.

CD-Rs are very very cheap - stay away from adding to them until you have sorted out what's going wrong.

7-zip? - what are you doing with that? - I don't understand evrything you are asking, as you are jumbling it up too much.

Please go slower and explain fully what you mean - otherwise we will forever be back asking you what you mean.

I think you would find Nero much simpler and much more reliable to do what ypu seem to be trying to do.

Try and work with Nero, get to grips with it and you'll find it simpler to use than the XP CD writing facility.

  User-178362 00:17 22 Aug 2006

DieSse, I found 7-zip in your link click here, It was under Downloads, How to get my pictures back onto the CD. Learned my lesson, not to add any more to CD's. Thank you for getting back to me so fast.

  DieSse 00:51 22 Aug 2006

*DieSse, I found 7-zip in your link click here,*

Not sure what link you're referring to - however that's not what I was querying - I wanted to know how 7-zip relates to the problem you are telling me about?

The link I posted above was to ISOBuster a CD recovery program.

  User-178362 19:53 22 Aug 2006

Now I am the right track, I have IsoBuster shortcut on my desktop, went through the instructions on how to get my images. I got sessions 9 of the CD, also got a message come up saying. Path table (JOLIET) couldn't be read properly only 0 or 1 Blocks could be read. Read Error at address 353200. device reported Error 03/11/05. I have right clicked on the sessions but do not understand what it is telling me. I clicked on something to do with session 1, it started working. I had lots of tracks. Didn't know what to do. Next thing it is telling me the program is not responding. clear as mud. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. What should I have done?

  brundle 19:59 22 Aug 2006

Sounds like a damaged CD.
click here

Make a folder called Recovery (for example), on your C: drive, then run CDCheck recovery on your damaged CD, and select c:\Recovery as the path to recover the files to.
You can then make a new single session CD with all the recovered files on it, from the Recovery folder.

If you get the same errors with more than a couple of CDs, your CD drive may be failing.

  wee eddie 20:02 22 Aug 2006

Use Nero: Read the instructions, all the way through, before you start.

In almost every one of the threads (but not quite all) of yours that I have read, would have been simpler or not existed at all, if you had worked your way through the instructions.

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