Lost connection to the internet mystery

  fedex1969 18:15 20 Jul 2013

Hi Guys, It's been a while, but I have developed another problem. If you recall, I have 2 computers. My one, which a friend had built, the other is about a year or two old. The other, which I'm on now, has no trouble connecting to the internet. It is fast, 1Tb, and as slick as ever. MY one, however, just won't connect. This PC is running Windows7 while mine is Vista. Both are connected to the same router via cables. Bottom right on my PC says 'currently connected to' - Network 3 - Access local and network. If I try to access the web, the 'O' turns incredibly slow then eventually a message says 'this web page is not available - RELOAD or MORE'. This happens on whatever site I try to load. Sorry if this is a bit longwinded, I'm just trying to give as much info as I can. Any ideas? Cheers in advance, Tobi (A 'virtual pint to whoever solves this)!

  BRYNIT 19:33 20 Jul 2013

Cold be a faulty cable or connector, try changing the cable?

  Secret-Squirrel 19:46 20 Jul 2013

"Network 3 - Access local and network"

Does it really say that or do your perhaps mean "Network 3 - Access local and Internet"?

If it was a typo then have you tried a different web browser?

  fedex1969 07:18 21 Jul 2013

Yes, that was my error. It should've read 'local and internet'. I can't connect through chrome or explorer. Should connect from start-up. I'll try a different cable but I don't think I'll get any joy from it.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:55 21 Jul 2013

Thanks for the extra info Fedex.

Because Vista says it has a working Internet connection but your browsers are unable to connect, it's worth checking Vista's proxy-server settings:

Open Control Panel and go to Internet Options. Click the "Connections" tab then the "LAN Settings" button and make sure nothing is ticked in that section.

  fedex1969 13:59 21 Jul 2013

Thanks for the response. I've just checked that and nothing is ticked. This is becoming more of a bit of a pickle than a mystery. Any more ideas, S.S?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:13 22 Jul 2013

When did your problem start? If it was relatively recently (less than two weeks ago or so) then a Vista System Restore may help - have a look here if you're not familiar with it. System Restore won't affect your personal data such as e-mails, documents, photos, and music etc but it will undo any system changes such as the installtion of new programs. If you decide that it's not appropriate for whatever reason then here's something else to try:

As a test, start your computer in the "Safe Mode with Networking" mode ( see here) and let me know if your web browsers now work or not. That test will help determine if it's a Windows problem or one caused by a third-party program or service. Restart normally when finished testing.

  fedex1969 19:06 22 Jul 2013

So, I tried a system restore with 3 different dates, but to no avail. Each time, a window pops up saying, roughly, 'can't perform operation, suggest altering to earlier date'. I went back 3 weeks. The problem arose approx. 10 days ago. Go figure. Anyway, I then tried the second option, start computer 'safe mode with networking', and this seems to have done the job! I can access t'internet as before, but, everything on screen is MASSIVE! How do I revert back to the nice little icons and text as I enjoyed before? The virtual pint will be ready for you once this little glitch is resolved. Thanks for the advice. Tobi

  Secret-Squirrel 19:44 22 Jul 2013

" I tried a system restore with 3 different dates, but to no avail."

It's not unusual for System Restore to fail like that. As your problem is just ten days' old I reckon you ought to persevere with this so boot into Safe Mode like before and run System Restore again and choose the best restore point. There's a good chance it'll succeed this time.

" .............'safe mode with networking', and this seems to have done the job! I can access t'internet as before, but, everything on screen is MASSIVE!"

Sorry to disappoint you but the Windows Safe Mode options are purely for testing and diagnostics and it hasn't actually fixed anything. All that tells me is that Windows Vista itself is fine and the cause of your problem lies elsewhere with a program, driver or service that starts when you use your computer normally. Sadly you won't be able to use your computer properly by staying in Safe Mode the whole time.

Try another System Restore first and let me know how you get on as it's going to be by far the easiest and quickest solution.

  fedex1969 17:41 23 Jul 2013

The missus tried the pc this morning and it was connecting. I've used it since I've been home from work and it's STILL working. And I haven't got large text and icons etc. anymore. The only downside is that it's REALLY slow, but it does that from time to time. A full scan shows no problems to worry about. As I restarted in safe mode with networking, I assume it's still in safe mode? What should I do now? Leave it or what do you suggest? (You've been a great help thus far, so I appreciate all your advice) Tobi

  Secret-Squirrel 21:10 23 Jul 2013

Hi Tobi

Did you follow my advice about trying to get System Restore to succeed via Safe Mode? If you didn't then I'm not convinced you've actually fixed anything properly.

" As I restarted in safe mode with networking, I assume it's still in safe mode?"

No. To get into Safe Mode you need to tap the F8 key at startup and choose one of the Safe Mode options. It doesn't stay in Safe Mode when you reboot or start your PC normally. You can tell if you're in Safe Mode because you'll see it written in all four corners of the desktop - like this, and of course, all your icons and text will be much bigger than normal.

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