Lost connection via ADSL

  JoJoh 09:12 05 Jan 2004

Hi and a Happy New Year
Over the weekend I needed to reload my ADSL modem.
For some strange reason the drivers loaded ok but
when I try to connect it automatically disconnects.Then it says "error 645" the dial up networking is not working.

Any ideas what this means? Do I need to reload Offfice 2000 or is it more complicated than this?

  Jester2K 09:16 05 Jan 2004
  ©®@$? 09:16 05 Jan 2004
  Jester2K 09:17 05 Jan 2004

Hmmm that link is to do with DUN and you are using ADSL.... Does it help?

  JoJoh 09:26 05 Jan 2004

Thanks for this. However, I have chacked the settings against those in my office and they are the same. The password box is not checked. I tried my old 56k modem connection and it was the same. The point is that ususally it will try to connect and then the error meassge will appear. Now it automatically disconnects as soon as i press the connect button,without even attempting to get to the server.

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