lost conection

  March Wind 14:12 18 May 2011

I have lost the internet on my Windows7 laptop. The reason is because I was using my sisters internet and she did not know and switched off. could you help please

  onthelimit1 14:14 18 May 2011

'sisters internet and she did not know and switched off.'

Switched what off? If it's the router, turn it on again. A bit more explanation may help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:16 18 May 2011

ISP? type of router?

you probably need to reinsert you passkey for your wireless connection

  March Wind 14:38 18 May 2011

No She did not know I was using her internet. She lives next door and I do not have to tell her if I am on the net but looks as if I will have to in furture. The intertnet gets turned off in their house. I have told them not to do this but they always do so this is how I lost my connections. Yes the router was turnd off. Ofcause it is on now as I am using there PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:52 18 May 2011

Of course you will loose connection if the router you are connecting to is switched off - there is nothing you can do about this aprt from get your own BB installed in your house.

If your sister is using a wireless connection I hope she has her wireless network secure otherwise anyone in the immediate area could be using it never mind hacking into her PC.

  March Wind 15:15 18 May 2011

I am a vistor for a few days at a time I do have my own internet where I live. The internet is now on as I am on her PC I have my Laptop next to me but I cannot get on the net with it. The capablility is turnd off. I would like to turn it on again. But have not had much luck I have back dated the laptop but still no luck so I have gone back to todays date

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:20 18 May 2011

What operating system? XP Vista W7?

You will need to reinsert her routers passkey (if her router is secured)

  March Wind 22:59 15 Jul 2011

Looking at my old posts

Fruit Bat. What do you mean by this? If your sister is using a wireless connection I hope she has her wireless network secure. I can use her Internet because her daughter put something on my Laptop. I think it was a number that was under her router, so I don't think any one can use her PC. Tell me do you think I am correct

  March Wind 02:08 30 Jul 2011


  birdface 09:02 30 Jul 2011

Not got much of a clue about laptops and wireless but does your laptop pick up any other Wireless signals. And if it picks up your sisters signal you may have to put the security code in for it to work again.

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