"Lost" column in Excel

  sav 12:16 23 Nov 2004

I have a problem with an Excel spreadsheet, I cannot view the first column, A. I have tried highlighting the whole sheet and using Unhide. I have also tried hovering the cursor over the line between column B and the "select entire spreadsheet" button, but I don't get the two vertical lines you would normally use to adjust column width.

Any ideas?

  rawprawn 12:35 23 Nov 2004

Click ob B and Insert column ?

  scotty 12:37 23 Nov 2004

Try \Edit\Goto and select cell A1. Then \Format\Column and select Unhide

  Peter 12:50 23 Nov 2004


Perhaps you have inadvertantly set the column width of column A to 0 (zero). If you move your cursor into column A (Use the Goto [F5 Key] command and enter A1 as the cell to GoTo) and the use the Format, Column, Width command and set the width as required. At the same time, as scotty has suggested, unhide the column.


  sav 14:49 23 Nov 2004

Thanks for your suggestions, unfortunately they didn't work. The Goto finds cell A1, and I am able to alter column width and unhide, but I still can't see the column.

  Esso43 14:53 23 Nov 2004

Just to eliminate, have you got some sort of freeze windowsin place?

  Esso43 14:55 23 Nov 2004

I can reproduce the effect with freeze pane from the windows menu.

  scotty 15:11 23 Nov 2004

I assume you have data in column A which you need to keep. Select all the cells (click on the box above row 1) and copy. Open a new spreadsheet and select \Edit\Paste special and select values (or formulas) and paste into the new sheet.

  sav 15:45 23 Nov 2004


The work around is one I've used in the past (this has happened before)!


You've cracked it!! i can't believe the final solution was so simple, I feel so stupid!

Thanks again to everyone who has replied.

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