regius 17:21 22 Mar 2006

My CD and DVD writer no longer register as drives when I open My Computer. I've tried to restore lost Windows files by running sfc /scannow but continue to receive an error message claiming that the version of Windows from which I am trying to read from in the CD drive is not the one originally installed.

I have tried a Systems Restore but it will not restore to an earlier date.

F8 at start-up produces no result nor does trying to activate Norton Go Back systems restore.

However the system is reading my flash driver.

1) How can I restore my CD drive?

2) If I am not able to restore the drive,can i re-install Windows XP pro - and how, when the computer does not recognise a CD drive?

I have a Sony Vaio 512 RAM; 80GB hard drive and run Windows XP Pro. I have an external hard drive - backing up isn't a problem - it's accessing the system to restore Windows XP pro.

Is there a boot-up disk I cd use via the floppy drive?

Suggestions Please.

  VoG II 17:23 22 Mar 2006
  rawprawn 17:27 22 Mar 2006

Try going to Admin Tools/Computer Management/Device manager, is there a yellow mark, if so try right click and uninstall and reboot. Your computer should find new hardware.

  surfmonkey #:@} 17:29 22 Mar 2006

have you tryed goto device manager uninstall drive reboot pc see if windows rerecognises the drive my just be a corrupt driver

  rods 17:29 22 Mar 2006


I had this problem once.

And was solved by uninstalling a CD Burning program that XP did not like. Think it was called Easy Cd Creator.

Have you got such a program installed?

  regius 10:52 23 Mar 2006

I have installed no new programmes that I have my CD burner has not previously been compatible with, as I've used it with the current set-up for some time.

The problem seemed to have developped when running sfc/ scannow and having continually to press the rentry button to be told that I was trying to copy from the wrong Windows XP CD.

I will try some of the other suggestions here and see how I get on.

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