Lost Bios help!!

  rickf 18:33 10 May 2004

Had various probs having built a new pc, in another thread here.click here

Having reset the jumpers I then got the correct reading for the FSB which is 400 but it then gave me the option to start normally and so on. When start normally was pressed, the pc freezes. Could not get beyond this for a long time, then I decided to clear CMOS battery. When I restarted PC after the appropriate time and got into Bios, everything is gone but for the standard features. It also reports CHECKSUM ERROR. What does this mean and is my new MB a gonner now. GA-7VT600 1394 MB.Can I recover from this??? Help and suggestions appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 18:37 10 May 2004

A checksum error is usually caused by the CMOS battery failing. Before you do anything else make sure its in properly and the correct way round.

  rickf 18:41 10 May 2004

Thanks braindead. Will try now. Unfortunately, I am going to have to go to work soon. But will come back with post later.

  Rayuk 18:42 10 May 2004

Are there jumpers on board to clear cmos? if so clear the cmos then go back into bios

  cream. 19:59 10 May 2004

When you boot to the bios press CTRL + F1. This should bring the advanced menu up.

The checksum error could be that you are trying to run the cpu at 400Mhz, when you state it is the 333Mhz model in click here

Also what setting are you running your dip switches for the multiplier.

  rickf 21:28 10 May 2004

I have managed to get Bios back but after post it won't boot into windows. When I choose any of the options, it freezes. Clock Frequency is set at 166 and the multiplier is 12.5. I'll try to set the cpu to 333 and see what happens. Be back in about 10 mins. In the meantime thanks for your continuing interest.

  woodchip 21:31 10 May 2004

checksum error also means defaults loaded, you need to go into bios and first set the correct year and time. first page. and start from there

  rickf 21:33 10 May 2004

I have now set it to 333 MHz but it still freezes when I chose an option to get into windows.

  rickf 21:35 10 May 2004

Rayuk, I cleared by removing CMOS battery for 10 mins. Bios now seems to be back but problem still exists re getting into windows.

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