Lost BBC Stations after re-tuneing Video Mate.

  audeal 21:32 11 Apr 2011

Living in East Anglia we are in the process of changing over to Digital TV which means we have to retune our Freeview TV's or Boxes. I have done this successfully on my TV and my Recorder but my problem comes when I retune my Capture Card in my PC.

I have got the Compro Video Mate S350 which I used for some time with XP and when I changed to Windows 7 I downloaded the new drivers and have been using them for the past year quite successfully.

But now we are changing over to digital my problems are starting.

After retuneing I find I have not picked up any BBC channels except BBC Parliament, BBC 4.

Has anyone else had this problem and found how to overcome this. I emailed the company to ask for advice and was told to type in the Frequency details by hand. This is all very well if you know what the Frequency details are. I typed in all my frequency details previously by hand but I got the details after scanning the stations. Now I can't get any BBC stations to copy the details from and I think the Frequency details have changed.

If anyone can tell me how to solve this issue I would be very grateful or if anyone can give me the new details I would be grateful again.

The details I am looking for are: 1. Frequency 2. Service ID 3. Video PID 4. Audio PID

These details need to be typed in to receive the station.

Please bare in mind that I am only looking for the BBC channels as all the other channels are ok.

Thanks for any advice or help that anyone can give.


  audeal 10:41 12 Apr 2011


  robin_x 22:24 12 Apr 2011

It's not a common topic here. Maybe someone will join in. But we switched in my area (Devon) 2 years ago with other UK regions. It caused no end of problems for a significant minority.

There are lots of causes and solutions to various issues. I can't go through thjem all there are others better able.

Offical site help (with freqs etc) at link text

Loads of experts here (maybe worth a post) link text

Have a wander round for info. First thing to check is are your cables and connections sound? Don't assume that just because only one 'Mux' is affected, then your connection is alright.

Look at the menus for signal level and quality (SNR) Are you using a reasonable aerial? Are other TVs devices OK? Do you have any signal boosters? etc etc

Lots more that I can't attempt to troubleshoot myself.

Good Luck

  robin_x 22:26 12 Apr 2011

Also my Hauppage card need a software update. Can't remember details now.

Google your Compro? Video Mate (forum?) for problems in case it is specific to your card.

  audeal 22:39 12 Apr 2011

robinofloxley: Thanks for your response. I do have a signal booster in the ariel line so I reconnected the ariel lead direct to the card and it made no difference. I get all the stations except the BBC ones, seems strange.

I use a communal ariel as I live in a block of flats and it was all replaced, including a satalite dish, abour two years ago so that is ok.

Maybe your suggestion of a software update might be worth looking into. Also I will check out the links you have supplied me with.

Thanks for your help.

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