Lost? backup files - Lotus wordpro9

  bri-an 09:25 17 Apr 2007

Been using Lotus Wordpro 9 for years, for letters etc and backup 'My docs' folder regularly, onto CDs.
Today I tried to open a Wordpro doc from a CD and got '.....file does not exist. Do you wish to create it?'
This happens with all the Lotus files, but everything else on the disc opens OK (ie images, Word docs). The files on my computer that are Lotus are opening as normal.
If I go to a CD file and 'open with' say Internet explorer or my scanner package (Paper Port) then I see the letters etc OK, so they are there!!
Can anyone help?

  Wak 09:32 17 Apr 2007

Is it possible that you updated the file and put it on the CD BEFORE (or without) saving it??
If you alter a file and exit the program before saving the file then Lotus will still save the file internally but give it a different extension.
Check the file extensions if possible.

  bri-an 09:46 17 Apr 2007

Sorry, not sure what you mean (I,m not very savvy). I haven't been altering any files, and this is happening to ALL the Lotus files on the disc, and all the files on any, earlier backup CDs I made.
How do I 'check the file extensions'?
I have been saving to disc regularly over the years and have always been able to go to a disc and open the Lotus files when needed - only now does it seem to be saying they do not exist (yet I can still open and look at them with another prog).

  bri-an 09:52 17 Apr 2007

If I drag a file off the CD and onto the Desktop, I can then open it OK - so it is just opening directly from the backup CD that's the problem!

  wee eddie 10:21 17 Apr 2007

But, when you try to open the file "on disk" have a look to see what the address/path is that your PC is trying to access.

  I am Spartacus 10:24 17 Apr 2007

The files on the CD are read only. It's possible that a setting in Wordpro is not allowing a file to be opened that cannot be directly amended.

  bri-an 10:39 17 Apr 2007

The only 'address' I see is if I select 'Yes' at the 'do you wish to create...'.
Then at the bottom of the created page is C:\Lotus\work\wordpro
Otherwise nothing is showing except '..file does not exist etc'.

  bri-an 11:15 17 Apr 2007

Now really driving me daft!
Took BackupCD and copied it all to a drive on my computer. Can now open all files Ok.
Burned some files back onto another bland CD, but when I try to open get the '...file does not exist..'!!
If I 'burn' it to a memory stick it then opens OK.
Totally bemused now, think I might buy an external HDD and keep everything on that. But I hate not knowing why this is happening to Lotus Wordpro files.
Giving up and going out to cool down!!

  wee eddie 12:31 17 Apr 2007

Open WordPro > select File > select Open > navigate to your "D" Drive or whichever drive the CD Player is > Select the document you want > Select it > What happens?

  bri-an 22:17 17 Apr 2007

Sorry for delay replying - was out and then I have been unable to get onto the site till now, trying for ages!
Strange thing, when I set up an external DVD Rw and put the 'backup' disc into there the Lotus files are read as normal - so it's only my internal DVD drive that is showing '..file does not exist' !!
This drive does however let me see any other files, jpeg photos, MS word docs, pdf, etc - still lost!!
Thanks for your time on this.

  bri-an 22:23 17 Apr 2007

PS When I followed your instructions it opens the file OK.

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