lost approx 100Mb of free ram

  pookie 21:01 05 May 2004


windows xp home, 9700pro graphics, 1024Mb ram, asus a7n8x-x mobo with onboard sound, 3Ghz barton.

i always had approx 820000k memory free, even with avg and adaware running. recently it's approx 715000k free (now at 686000k).
I tried defragging to see if that did anything and it shows that windows/system32/d3doi.dll is fragmented. defrag won't get past this. could this be slowing my system? i looked for d3doi.dll in google but it didn't bring up anything.

many thanks


  mammak 21:52 05 May 2004

Dosent sound to clever that pookie'
wish i could help but cant 'but am sure someone on here can so me give you a wee bumptey bump

  Tangy 22:17 05 May 2004

Sounds to me like your paging file size is out of control.

Right-click on 'My Computer' & select 'Properties'. Go to Advanced > Performance > Settings. A 'Performance Options' dialogue box should appear. Select 'Advanced' tab. At the bottom, in 'Virtual Memory', it should say how much memory the PC is using.

You can change the setting by pressing the 'Change' button. You should set the paging file size approximately twice your RAM, i.e. 2048MB for both max & min.

If this doesn't work, it may be solved by a few reboots.

  pookie 15:02 08 May 2004

thanks for replies

i have always had the virtual memory set to 1 and a half times at 1530 for inital and maximum.

anyother ideas?



  bertiecharlie 15:40 08 May 2004

You could have a look in Task Manager to try and identify which process is using the additional physical memory.

  Gemma 15:56 08 May 2004

d3doi.dll does not appear to be an MS Windows file. In explorer, hover the cursor over the file to see if there is a balloon description that shows ownership or right click and select properties to see if that will tell you anything. If you want to experiment, rename it to d3doi.lld and reboot to see what is tries to load it. If you still need it, rename it to what it should be.

  pookie 20:16 08 May 2004

thanks again

i can't find d3doi under explorer in systems 32 and a 'search' for it doesn't find anything.

in task manager the biggest by far are explorer.exe at 30,000k and svchost.exe at 43,156k and iexplorer.exe at 28,808k. note i seem to have 4 svchost.exe (1 is local service, 1 is network service, 2 are system including the 43,000k). is this normal are can i disable any of these safetly (and how)?



  bertiecharlie 20:31 08 May 2004

click here to checkout the processes. Your svchost.exe figure seems high. Some viruses can masquerade as svchost and the fact that you have four of them running seems a bit odd. Update your anti virus and run a scan just to eliminate this possibility. You shouldn't normally end the task svchost.exe.

  bertiecharlie 20:38 08 May 2004

Just checked further. The number of svchost.exe programmes you have showing seems okay. Is there anything there showing svchost32.exe?

  pookie 21:07 08 May 2004

no, no svchost32.exe - i've installed al latest drivers/windows updates/etc but it's still very low (736000 at moment)

  pookie 21:08 08 May 2004

sorry, forgot to say that avg doesn't detect any viruses and adaware picked up some trackers and data miners which i've deleted

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