Lost all sound

  dnjl 17:47 12 Jan 2010

I have accidentally deleted (through add/remove programmes) Realteck High Def driver.

I did a back-up of all my drivers and have the "Audio Device on High Def.Audio Bus" files (2) but do not know how to get them back or where to put them.

I have tried a restore point but that never goes back (been going to ask how to make this happen for ages but not got round to it).Dummy.

Is there any way to either make my restore point work or find my deleted files and restore them please.

  james105051 17:52 12 Jan 2010

Download the drivers from click here

  GaT7 17:53 12 Jan 2010

You have to restore to a point before the uninstall.

If it doesn't work, you could always reinstall the drivers.

Let us know your OS & motherboard make+model, so we can look for the required drivers. Or, you could download them directly from Realtek click here. G

  rdave13 17:57 12 Jan 2010

Best way is to go to help/support for your particular PC. Usually you download, possibly extract, and run the .exe file.

  dnjl 11:13 13 Jan 2010


Thanks for everyone's help on this.

Now sorted.

Except for restore points - they just do not work.

Someone earlier said open PC in safe mode, but do you do this then try & go back to a restore point the PC has made, or just what order do you do this in?

  Sea Urchin 12:17 13 Jan 2010

Yes, boot into safe mode and then go to system restore as you would normally.

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