Lost All Sound

  PCUSER2 05:36 05 Aug 2004

Hi All

Just got on my Pc after my young son was on it(5)
And the Pc has seemed to lost all sound I am or was using a soundblaster creative card.
An error came up when I tried to play a song through the media player that my pc had no Audio device installed,
so I tried to uninstall then reinstall my creative drivers but my PC keeps telling me that the creative hardware does not exist!
Where do I go from here?
As a muso I cannot handle being without sound

Much Appreciated

  CLONNEN 05:53 05 Aug 2004

If you have Windows ME or XP you should be able to do a System Restore to a point when it was working.

  PCUSER2 06:12 05 Aug 2004

Cheers for the advice tried to do a system restore then when I restart an error comes up
sound card incorrectly installed please reinstall
So I try to reinstall the soundblaster software and an error from that comes up that it cannot find and creative hardware

  CLONNEN 06:28 05 Aug 2004

You could try reading this page on the Microsoft website :

click here;en-us;105671

  CLONNEN 06:40 05 Aug 2004

To install the driver:

In Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click the System icon.
In the System Properties dialog box, on the Hardware tab, click Device Manager, and then click Sound Video and Game Controllers.
Click Creative SB Live!, and then on the Driver tab, click Update Driver.
In the Hardware Update Wizard, click Advanced, click Install from a list or specific location, and then click Next.
Click Don't search. I will choose the driver to install, and then click Next.
Click Have Disk.
In the Install From Disk dialog box, in the Copy manufacturer's files from box, type the name and the location for the downloaded driver, such as C:\Drivers\751204, and then click OK.
Click OK, click Finish, and then click Close.
Click Yes when you are prompted to restart the computer.

After you install the Sound Blaster sound card software, you may need to turn off the Digital Output Only option for the Sound Blaster Live! mixer:

Start the Sound Blaster Live! mixer.
Click the Creative icon in the upper-left corner (the small icon).
Click Advanced Control. A red plus sign is displayed over the mixer.
Turn off the Digital Output Only option.
In addition, if you are using Sound Blaster Live! Value 5.1 sound card, you may need to reinstall the software for the device after you upgrade your computer to Windows XP.

If you have a Gateway computer with the OEM version of Sound Blaster, you may need to install the updated driver that is available from the Gateway Web site; you can also try using the Sound Blaster Live! Value basic driver version 3510.0.0.0 from the Gateway Web site for the Sound Blaster Live! Value 5.1 sound card.

To access the Gateway Web site:
click here

Go to the Gateway support Web site to verify the exact model for the audio device (you need to have your customer ID and the serial number for the computer that is having the problem). Refer to the manufacturer if you need assistance in determining the proper driver to download for your Gateway computer. Gateway also has a utility that you can use to determine the make and the model of the sound card that is installed on your Gateway computer. To access the Gateway utility, go to the following Gateway Web site:
click here

NOTE: Please refer to the manufacturer if you need help using this utility.

If you are using the Boston Acoustic Speakers that were included with your Gateway computer, you may need to turn on digital output. You need to turn on digital output if the following scenario occurs:

After you upgrade to Windows XP and you verify that all of the correct sound drivers are installed, you do not hear any sound through the Boston Acoustics 7500 Surround Sound speakers; however, when you plug headphones into the sound card or if you use an analog-only speaker set, you can hear audio playback.

To turn on digital playback:
Click the Sound Blaster Live! icon in the notification area.
Click Open Audio HQ.
Click the Speakers icon.
Click to select Digital Output Only.
Test the audio playback.
For additional information about the Boston BA735 speakers, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
302710 Boston BA735 Speakers Do Not Work After Windows XP Upgrade

For additional information, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
304778 Previously Installed SBLive Accessories Don't Work After Upgrade

307918 HOW TO: Resources for Troubleshooting Sound Problems in Windows

295318 List of Sound and Gameport Drivers in Windows XP

310126 Troubleshooting Device Conflicts with Device Manager

  CLONNEN 06:48 05 Aug 2004

Here is a link to where you can find the latest drivers for your SounBlaster sound device :

click here

  PCUSER2 10:50 05 Aug 2004

I think my main problem is that I cant get my device manager install wizard to reconize the creative hardware
I can switch to use my on board sis 7012 Audio driver and when I plug my speakers into this everything goes fine
Its just that trying to change to my soundblaster internal card my pc dosnt seem to know its there Iv only 2 PCI slots on my board 1 for my modem the other has the sound card ?

  joelle1230 10:59 05 Aug 2004

are there any conflics in the settings

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