Lost all settings after reinstall Windows 98

  Frederic-208545 19:33 11 Feb 2004

I had an invalid disk message this morning and was told by helpline to reinstall windows 98.
Completely gutted that is reverted to an very old version. Any suggestion to find my lost documents.
Thanks very much from a novice.

  spikeychris 19:40 11 Feb 2004

How did you reinstall?

  Frederic-208545 19:43 11 Feb 2004

I reinstalled with the CD rom and rebooted from the hard disk.

  JIM 19:44 11 Feb 2004

how were you instructed to reinstall windows 98?
What do you mean it reverted to an very old version ?

Invalid disk message does not alway mean reinstall of windows.

  JIM 19:45 11 Feb 2004

chris/werde should have looked before posting.

  anon1 19:46 11 Feb 2004

"invalid disk" suggests that you left a floppy in the drive. What help desk told you to reinstall windows. You sadly will not be able to recover those documents. reinstall of windows is really a last resort. I guess the most important lesson you should have learnt is to back up often. You will of course need to go to the windows website and load all the patches again. If your hard drive is big enough you might consider going for windows xp. A little tip here, save a copy of your "my documents" folder to the C: drive so that you can recover it ( not overwritten by a reinsatll) also back it up to floppy, copy also the folder called "desktop" as this often helps. You should back up the registry too and keep a copy on cd if you can.

  JIM 19:48 11 Feb 2004

Have a look in the add/remove programs via control panel and see if win98 is in the list of programs.

  Frederic-208545 19:48 11 Feb 2004

Iam really a novice and was not looking under the bonnet.
As the computer was not booting, the"expert" told me to load the Bios Set up and cahnge the boot sequence to CD rom, C and A
After that He told me to reinstall Windows 98.
The old version came with Internet explorer 4 and the screen was with huge icons. Was this Safe mode ?? I think It did happen once.

  VoG II 19:49 11 Feb 2004

If you did not reformat the drive and simply installed Windows over itself you should not have lost documents. You will need to download all the updates/patches from Windows update.

  spikeychris 19:50 11 Feb 2004

Evening JIM. Werde, you say "I reinstalled with the CD-ROM and rebooted from the hard disk." please just explain that one. Did you install Win98 over the top of the current version or did you boot from the CD and use a recovery disk or full installation disk. If the latter did you format the disk? are you offered the option of a dual boot? How many partitions do you have?

  Frederic-208545 19:51 11 Feb 2004

I did not leave any floppy in the drive. that was my first reaction to check

Yes the windows 98 is in the add/ remove programs.
And that's all .

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