Lost all my photographs on my hard drive

  justme 20:27 26 Dec 2004

But I don't care.

Why? Because I make regular backups of my data and I was able to restore all the photos of holidays, parties and others from a cd.

To all those people who think that a disaster only happens to other people or that it would not worry you I say think again. Think of all the memories which could be invoked just by looking through these photos or even worse think of how you would manage without some of your personal data if it went walkabout.

Regular backups are essential. Yes it takes time, but it is worth it if the unthinkable happens, as it did to me. It only took a few minutes to restore all my photos. The time spent backing up my photos was time well spent.

  Dan the Confused 21:09 26 Dec 2004

Completely agree, I couldn't use my PC without making backups as it would make me too paranoid. Hard drives will always fail at some point, none of them last forever; often it can be out of the blue without any warning signs - I've had one that slowly gave out and another that suddenly completely let go (made the most awful noise).

A good method I use is the Grandfather-Father-Son method. Keep the last 3 sets of backups and chuck the oldest. If you use rewritable discs (NOT recommended), always backup to the oldest set so that they are cycled.

And of course, great for just restoring individual

  Charence 22:48 26 Dec 2004

What backup medium do you recommend then? Just putting onto a CDR and throwing it away later? Or something else like an external HDD or one of those backup HDDs?

Currently I only backup pictures when they reach 600MB. There are backups of other files, but I don't tend to regularly back them up. So what backup medium would you recommend?

Cheers, Charence

  powerless 03:45 27 Dec 2004

Annother Hard Disk in my eyes.

  Dan the Confused 09:34 27 Dec 2004

There's a thread currently running that seems to cover everything click here

Powerless, it's on my 'to do' list... :)

  fred 21:10 27 Dec 2004

I regularly back up my data files to two machines and also to two external HDD. The two HDD are normaly kept ten miles apart.

progs can be replaced. data is a little harder.

  Tazfan 21:28 27 Dec 2004

I read this, and realised Iv not backed my pics up 4 awhile, so I did them as soon as i found this.

Thank you for the reminder. Its good advice indeed. I have 2G of pics (6,455), and even tho they are all on 2 Hard Drives, I still back them up to CD.

  Lead 09:47 28 Dec 2004

With over 40gb of pictures I find Hard Drives are my only option.

I have one 'master PC' with 2 mirrored drives and copies of the pictures on two other PCs, that's 3 copies in total. Here's hoping all four HDDs don't fail at the same!

  justme 13:32 28 Dec 2004

If my 'disaster' has had a beneficial effect on some members of this forum then it has all been worthwhile.

I usually copy my photos to cd and only copy the new ones to the next cd. Then every so often I then copy the whole collection to cds but still keep the original cds as an extra backup.

I don't know for sure what caused the loss but I had defragmented the hard disk a few days before and I assume that something went wrong during this process. I lost the'My Photographs' directory and all the sub directories.

I suppose I could have played around with a disk editor and possibly recovered some if not all of the lost files but as I had defragmented recently it was possible that they had been overwritten. It was easier and quicker to restore them from a backup.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:57 22 Jan 2005

40GB of files not just pictures,but all my settings and everything,this was extremly annoying i backup my important files to a CD now,everytime a tempory folder gets to 702mb.

  justme 22:54 22 Jan 2005

Welcome to the club. It seems that most people only learn the advantage of having a regular backup after they lose some data.

€dstowe regularly prompts people on this forum to backup their data and I fully agree with him.

Whenever something goes wrong, a backup is invaluable and can save many hours trying to sort out the problems which losing data can bring.

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