Lost ALL my data - device write errors??

  O0O 15:01 25 Sep 2003

Last Tuesday (16th Sept) after turning on my PC I received the following
message at the user prompt screen (the PC had passed POST bootup and
WinXP logo with no problems) 'Device write failed' . The following text
also appeared 'Unable to save all the data for file C:\$Mft, ?failure
of computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file
elsewhere.' Upon clicking in the OK box, the same message appeared with a
different file name, this continued ad infinitum, etc, etc. I tried a soft
reset and after booting up the same message appeared again. More text also
appeared in a popup box 'Could not allocate required space in registry
After contacting MESH support, they advised re-installing XP (with
obvious loss of all my saved files) and staring afresh. Since then, this
same error has plagued me three more times.The first time I rebooted in F8
mode and selected 'Last Known Good Profile' which although worked, has left
me with a few problems (driver errors, system restore points not working...).
The second time I tried the above solution with no success. Tried F8 reboot
and managed to restore PC from safe mode. So, PC is up and running but clearly
all is not well.
I have now re-installed XP again(!) but it would seem it is only a
question of time before it happens again. Does anybody have any experience of
this? Can it be prevented? Why is it happening?? And yes, I have contacted MESH,
but they say it is a software problem and is therefore not covered by warranty,
only by their £1/hour helpline. Bah! Help anyone??

(System=XP, 512MB, 40GbHdd(NTFS), A7N8x deluxe, 2600+, Norton Antivirus, all updated.)

  Diemmess 15:48 25 Sep 2003

Mesh say it is a software problem, you and I suspect h/ware.

Being realistic - now is not too soon to save all your data, and email stuff to CD or another separate HD.

Then you will have to struggle to find where the fault really is. Until the fault becomes linked with some action you can reproduce, it is difficult to make a sound argument with Mesh. You have my sympathy, your best hope is this forum.

  johnnyrocker 15:54 25 Sep 2003

i am afraid half your prob is you have a mesh pc, they will send you to the software line at 50p per min and never admit hardware failure, i suspect you will be going round in a few circles with this one and you have my sympathy.



  Keith 16:03 25 Sep 2003

Looking on the MS Knowledge Base (searching on $Mft), I can't find anything that directly relates to your problem. However, it seems that MFT = Master File Table and is associated with NTFS volumes (as opposed to FAT volumes). So, if we assume that the HDD is corrupting the MFT, then this points to a faulty HDD.
I would suggest: a) check all cables securely located (IDE). If nothing obviously wrong b) back up all data and then beg, borrow or buy (don't steal) a replacement HDD and re-install everything on it. If the system runs OK then you've proved it was the HDD. Then you have ammo to fire at Mesh! Hope this helps, Keith

  O0O 18:13 25 Sep 2003

Thanks all. I was going to invest in a new HDD anyway for backup, but this has just re-inforced the issue. A lesson learnt!

  tcm01 14:48 29 Sep 2003

Uncanny - I had my Mesh 2400+ TFT delivered on 16th September, set up OK that evening, Telewest arrive during the day of 17th to set-up Broadband, works ok for 20 seconds then get the errors as you describe - Device write fail - unable to save data for file C:\$mfts etc etc. Been bounced between telewest & mesh. Have re-installed Windows XP but have lost all the drivers for the motherboard, sound, graphics, network card etc. I have downloaded drivers today from Asus & ATI & will be attemting to install tonight.

Any tips before I do. I've now created several windows restore points just in case it does it again.

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