lost addons

  1st spring 10:40 02 Dec 2012

I have disabled my addons in Internet Explorer by mistake. Now I don't think it is working correctly I would like to put them back. I have tried to back date the PC but I cannot do this it not go back. I am using XP Pro. I have tried to put it back but when PC tells me what I should see to click on it is not there.

  lotvic 11:30 02 Dec 2012

System Restore, you need to click on a date that is in extra Bold type. On the calendar go back to November and see if there are any dates there that are extra Bold.

IE Add-ons: Tools | Manage Add-ons | click on the Name of add-on in the list and it's details appear underneath and at the bottom left there is a button to click to 'Enable' or 'Disable'

  lotvic 11:32 02 Dec 2012

sorry, that should read bottom right there is a button to click to 'Enable' or 'Disable'

  1st spring 17:09 02 Dec 2012

I know how to do a restore but system not let me go back past todays date. As for the add-ons I do not know what I should have/need/ I have lost my cog wheel. Someone told me to click on this. When I look on how to get the add ons back PC is telling me what to click on but the info is not there for me to click on i.e I click on the info bar that tells me to click on something else but that part is not there so I cannot get any further.

  lotvic 17:25 02 Dec 2012

If you have been doing system clean ups you may have deleted all the restore points.

What is the 'cog wheel' ? I have IE 8 and do not have a cog wheel. Do you mean the cog wheel on Google search page?

  lotvic 19:17 02 Dec 2012

dr yes, thanks, I had mine set to Text labels so didn't see it.

  1st spring 08:30 10 Dec 2012

I still haven't got it sorted. I have been clicking on Tools and extentions, disabling them all, then enabling what was enabled before. I lost Google and only had Bing. Once I couldn't get on the web at all. I have been resetting in advance and also going back to dephalts. I put google back on and when I clicked on Tools Manage addons only goole was showing and my Javas had all gone then when I restarted the PC my Java was back and Google had gone. My friend who knows a little about PC couldn't fix the problem. I do not know what I am doing, now I have lost my spell checker and they are enabled. going from bad to worse.

  1st spring 23:42 10 Jan 2013

I cannot get Youtube to work I cannot get MSN home page to come on when I first log on, cannot download Adobe. and I cannot get the addons to come back. I am waiting for a friend to take control of my PC and fix it for me but I would sooner fix it myself if I can but with all these probs.It has only gone wrong since the addons went. Now I cannot see my spell check under tools.

  SillBill 23:57 10 Jan 2013

Why not download Firefox and use that instead of Internet Explorer?

  1st spring 22:46 14 Jan 2013

Internet Explorer is currently running without add-ons

All Internet Explorer add-ons, such as ActiveX controls or toolbars, are turned off. Some webpages might not display correctly. To continue to your home page, click the Home button. To browse using add-ons, close Internet Explorer and then start it again. Check for the latest Windows updates.

How do browser add-ons affect my browsing experience?

This is what I get when I log onto the internet. I have to click on the house to get my home page MSN. I cannot download adobe it did work once. I cannot backdate to the month before I cannot use Utube. I think it all to do with my adones. I do not know what to do about Active X. I have also lost my spell checker for this site. My friend looked at it for me but is foxed,

  SillBill 22:51 14 Jan 2013

Try Firefox or Chrome or even Maxthon.

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