Loss of Video Output

  SURVEY 10:53 20 Jun 2005

I have a Mesh power PC with AMD 64 3500 chip 1024 MB RAM, Radeon 9800 Pro Video Card. This has been working fine for some months (after having various components replaced by Mesh!)

Yesterday when carrying out a simple wordprocessing task the screen suddenly went blank with a NO SIGNAL text on it. Nothing I could do would bring the screen back to life. I checked all cables were firmly fixed. The computer tower was operating but as I had no video output to the screen, I then could not turn off the computer except by the main power button on the tower. It rebooted, got as far as inputting pasword then the screen went dead again. Next time I got as far as getting WORD up on screen then it died again. Finally, again only by turning off at the Tower button, all came back to life. I ran a scan and all is well. I then left it switched on for another couple of hours and all well since.

Can anyone explain what happened? It was warm yesterday but the room was only about 75 degrees maximum and the tower etc is well ventilated. The fan in the computer seems large enough as it is and always has been certainly noisy!

Is the video card at fault? Or could it be that the computer design will not permit operation at 72-75 degrees? Is it overheating and would that be the symptom even though the computer had not cut out, just the video output?

  john-232317 15:34 20 Jun 2005

Maybe the card is not seated in MB properly and you lost connection through that, or if its still in warrenty get it replaced.

Computers in Spain work ok in temps well in excess of yours, its been in the 40`s cel. just lately, but summer is still on the way ;-))

  SURVEY 15:58 20 Jun 2005

dadyassa - thanks - I will check the card. I guess that it is possible that in the warm spell we are experiencing that the card or slot may have expanded slightly and loosened. Is there a way that I can check what the processor temperature is running at and what is an acceptable range for the temperature to be?

  SURVEY 16:29 20 Jun 2005

Have checked the card and it appears to be firmly fixed in its slot. Both tower fans are operating. The temperature at the rear of the tower within say 200mm of the rear fan is holding at approx. 86-87 deg F. Any other ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 20 Jun 2005

Motherboard Monitor (1,736K) click here Monitors temperatures etc. of mother board but it may be the graphics card temp thats causing the problem.

  SURVEY 19:02 20 Jun 2005

Fruitbat - thanks for your reply. But what can one do about the graphics card temperature?

  smurfling 19:17 20 Jun 2005

I have the same set up as you have and have had the same problem, I emailed Mesh and they told me to update the drivers for the graphics card from the ati website, I did so and since then things have been ok. I would check the graphics card fan is working as on my first card it wasn't and Mesh changed it.

  SURVEY 16:00 21 Jun 2005

smurfing - thanks for yuor reply. I have not herad from Mesh since sending an email to their 'contact help' address. I haev checked the fan adjacent to the card and it is OK. I will try and update the driver.

  SURVEY 17:05 21 Jun 2005

Having just posted saying that Mesh had not responded - they have now done so. I am a little concerned at their instructions and would request commnent as to whether they are making a sensible suggetsion or just slowing down the computer etc.

Mesh suggest going into the BIOS and on Advanced/Chipset/AGP settings - set the AGP Mode from 8X to 4X and setting the Fastwrites from Enabled to Disabled.

Mesh also say the problem could be caused by overheating and suggest I leave the case side off to see if it makes any difference! If thsi is the problem, then there must a fault with their design!

Alternatively would I be better off updating the graphics driver as suggested by smurfing.

Any comments.

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