Loss of sound

  gudda96 10:16 15 Nov 2003

Hi There

I have just had a bigger graphics card and extra memory ram fitted by shop and i am having problem with sound.

If I receive an e-mail with audi animation, I hear it for a second then it ends.

Also, I cannot play an audio cd in my cd-rom, any ideas please.

I have a p/s of error message if anyone can tell me how to attach

  gudda96 11:59 15 Nov 2003

My O/S is W98 SE but how can I copy/paste my Sound details from hardware??

  gudda96 12:55 15 Nov 2003


That button "enable" is greyed out ??


Yes the D drive(my cd-rom is highlited)

I assume you mean in the cd music tab?

  gudda96 13:06 15 Nov 2003


Too many words in belarc to paste, plus I need to know how to paste an error message please

  gudda96 15:44 16 Nov 2003

To all that answered, an up to date....

Apparently, my sound card was damaged (as it was working when it went to shop for graphic card) but he spent some hours looking for fault and in the end, he fitted a new sound card.

I gave him £10 for new card but he did not charge labour.

Thanks for your efforts and sorry for delay as I have JUST GOT IT BACK.

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