Loss of focus on TFT

  Dee.... 19:27 29 Dec 2004

I got my new PC just before Christmas from a local PC store. I am happy with the performance (apart from the GFX card 6800GT overheating!!). Anyway, one of my favourite games is Pro Evo 4 and this game patched up on PC is absolutely amazing. I specifically bought the Viewsonic VX912 19" TFT to play games. It seemed to get very good reviews for this. I am happy with the screen but when playing Pro Evo the graphics are SO clear when not much movement, but during the game when things are moving around alot there is a loss of focus and it is a bit hard on the eyes. The response time for the VX912 is 12ms, and I read that this is fine for games. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could sort this? Do you's think it is still the monitor or something else? Many thanks for any replies. Dee.

  alan227 19:42 29 Dec 2004

I read somewhere recently that some monitor manufacturers only quote the response in time and not the response out time which can be 25 or 30 ms.
How you can check this i have no idea.

  daba 19:58 29 Dec 2004

There can be no such thing as a 'loss of focus' on a TFT display.

They are manufactured with millions of pixels which are driven on and off by the software. Each pixel is driven independantly, unlike a CRT which has 3 electron beams scanning onto a surface coated with triads of Red Green, and Blue phosphor dots through a mask of fine holes, this definately needs to be focused correctly, a wider beam (caused by the focus being out), would spread over adjacent holes and hit adjacent phosphor dots causing a messy picture.

What you are observing on your TFT can only be caused by the time taken for the pixels to be turned on and off. Having said that, it's possible that the TFT display itself is fine, and the graphics card in the PC could be causing the effects.

I suggest you return to the dealer and try your game on a similar PC, try your TFT on another PC you can see is OK, try your PC on a TFT you know is OK, and eliminate all the possible causes until you have only one conclusion left. Your dealer should be able to sort this problem out.

  Dee.... 22:13 29 Dec 2004

Loss of focus was the best way I could describe it, I know it may not be "technically" the correct term but it describes the problem I am having best....The TFT was bought from a separate retailer. It was actually sent over to me from England (I am from Belfast. I am having a problem with my GFX card overheating but I doubt that this has anything to do with it. Unfortunately, what you say about trying the TFT on a different PC etc.., is not an option as I do not know anyone that has a "gaming" PC. Thanks for the advice and if anyone has a Viewsonic VX912 and is playing Pro Evo fine then let me know!! Thanks.

  daba 00:01 30 Dec 2004

Could it be that the GFX card is protecting itself from overheating by slowing its processor, causing the 'blurring' effect you describe. Why is it overheating? If it was bought with the PC (installed) then the dealer should have been responsible for ensuring adequate cooling is provided.

I still recommend you should take all your kit to the dealer, or to your local PC-World or anywhere with a repair/build facility, and let them have a look at it.

They would be able to try your PC with different displays, to try different GFX cards etc. for you.

Kill two birds with one stone and get the GFX overheating problem resolved at the same time by adding another case fan perhaps.

It may cost a bit for the diagnosis, but would pinpoint the cause rapidly, possibly saving many pounds in replacing OK components etc.

I assume you have latest GFX drivers installed, latest DirectX, and hardware acceleration enabled.

And have you checked the game itself to see if there are any display type settings to adjust for CRT/TFT etc. Some games have such adjustments to 'tone-down' harsh effects when using high-res CRTs.

Just a further thought - I assume you have set your graphics resolution to the same as your TFT, and are not trying to run it at a higher resolution. TFTs must be run at the designed resolution, (eg 1024 x 768) unlike CRT monitors which are adjustable.

  Dee.... 01:24 30 Dec 2004

Daba, I have read on the Overclockers forum that this particular TFT can seem a little blurry if there are fast moving images on screen. So I presume this is where my problem is. I only bought it 2 weeks ago!! I am going to leave the machine back into the shop that constructed the PC and ask them to replace the GFX card (it is burning up..way too easy!!). The 6800GT is hitting 105c with FarCry!! I think it should be around the mid 70's. Thanks for taking the time to help, I appreciate it.

  daba 01:51 30 Dec 2004

Seems as though the TFT may have have a poor 'OFF' response as alan227 suggested, causing the blurry effects.

Anyway, if you bought it from a reputable company they should entertain the idea of re-stocking it especially since you bought it on the premise of gaming (even more so if you SAID it was for gaming).

Doesn't it make you mad how the manufacturers can bend the specs to suit their own etc.

What a shame the info from Overclockers wasn't seen before shelling out for the TFT.

It reminds me of when I was doing some theatre lighting (a past hobby, from way, way back) when a particular producer (noticably a teeny-weeny bit 'camp'), wanted a quicker blackout in a scene - his words "You can get it up quick, but when I ask you to take it down, you leave it there too long". That is one of them times when you just wish you had the ability to offer a cracking reposte, instead of just rolling on the floor in an uncontrollable fit of laughter, unable to say anything at all.

Hope you get your system sorted

  Dee.... 23:03 06 Jan 2005

:) a see it is now a past hobby!!

Latest update is that I am getting a full refund on the TFT, and I have bought myself a Dell (Sony) Trinitron 21" CRT reconditioned with 12 months warranty for £139...I am happy now, the games look class and I will leave a TFT for another while. Thanks for the advice.

  PA28 21:08 24 Aug 2005

daba - not sure that you're right with your assertion that it's impossible for a TFT to be out of focus. It is very possible on an analogue fed display that the signal does not hit the idividual pixels and the result is a shadowed or fuzzy display. Yu can replicate this by using the clock and focus (see they even provide a control for it) adjustments on the monitor. I have the same problem myself at the moment with an Acer 19" TFT. I can always adjust it into focus so that the image is nice and sharp - problem is that the monitor doesn't seem to remember the settings when I next switch on and I have to adjust it again. It's driving me crazy, as I suspect the graphics card (Nvidia 5600 chip) or drivers (now on 77.77) but I am in emailed corresondence with Acer on the matter.

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