Loss of 'E' drive / BIOS problems

  gusfoe 11:19 01 Apr 2003

My problem is as follows:
My PC suddenly changed from taking approx 30 seconds to load to nearly five minutes. Upon investigation the only problem appeared to be that the 'E' drive of the PC had disappeard from the system (the CDRW/DVD/CDROM drive). The drive itself would also not open. In attempting to investigate the problem a user of the PC inadvertantly changed the set-up of the BIOS to 'Setup Defaults'. The changes were then saved.
When turning on the system the ASUS P4S8X-X screen is now visible, when previously it was not. The following words are also evident at the bottom of the screen:
'Press (TAB) to show POST screen; presss (ALT) + (FZ) to enter EZ flash facility'.
After a few seconds this screen disappears (after a strange noise is heard from the CPU), and the Windows XP logo then shows on the screen. The five minutes of loading then takes place.
Can you advise how to restore the 'E' drive and to change the system/BIOS back to the state it was upon delivery of the PC?
The PC is a Pentium 4 2.4GHz, ASUS P4S8X-X motherboard, 512MB DDR RAM, ATI Radeon 9000 graphics card.
Many Thanks

  DieSse 11:25 01 Apr 2003

Setting the BIOS to defaults settings should not cause a major problem. It sounds as if the Cdcombo drive may be at the heart of all this. Try disconnecting it, to see if that speeds up the boot time again. Then we can take it from there.

PS there is no way to get the BIOS settings back to how they were, automatically.

  Tog 11:45 01 Apr 2003

This site has a BIOS guide that may help you set it up to a decent standard. Things like enabling quick POST can speed up your boot time but 5 minutes (really?) seems a long time.

click here

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