losing word after reinstalation of xp

  samson1235 22:01 22 Mar 2004

I had to use the recovery discs that came with my pc, not long after switching it on for the first time, due to a cd crashing the whole system. afterwards i lost evyerthing, managed to get some bits back but dont know how to get word back?

  Totally-braindead 22:03 22 Mar 2004

Did you not get a disk with Word on it? If so its just a matter of reinstalling it.

  samson1235 22:10 22 Mar 2004

i'm not sure as i got 2cd which have my make of pc on and they say recovery disc. bit wary about putting them in again, dont want to reinstall the whole thing again

  Djohn 22:18 22 Mar 2004

samson1235 place the CD's into your drive one at a time and if they start to run just click on "Exit" this will stop them from doing anything to your system.

Now go to your "My Computer" Icon and left click to open it then right click on the drive that has your CD in and choose "Explore". This will let you have a look at what files, programs and applications are on the disk.

Have a look and see if "Word" or Works" is mentioned.

  Totally-braindead 22:20 22 Mar 2004

If that is all you got with the PC just put them in one at a time. If the disk starts up have a look and see if Word or Microsoft works is listed and just install that if you find it, might be on either disk. If that doesn't work then close the disk down and start Windows Explorer and go to the CD rom drive and look there for Word or MS Works to see if its on either of the disks. If it is, you can install it from there. If it isn't there then it looks like Word was preinstalled and without the CD to reinstall it you've had it. You could either try contacting the PC store you got the PC from or the manufacturer, failing that you'll have to buy it. Perhaps some of the others can help with what is on these recovery disks as I've never actually seen one. If so maybe they can tell you where it is if its there at all. Post the make and model of your PC and hopefully someone with the same make of PC will be able to help.

  Totally-braindead 22:21 22 Mar 2004

Sorry same as Djohn but I'm a slower typer obviously

  User-312386 22:42 22 Mar 2004

I have never heard of a recovery disc with WORD on it.

Usually the "Company" that supplies WORD, WORKS etc etc Give you an OEM version so if you do have to "Restore To Factory Settings" then you can re-install WORD etc etc

  Djohn 23:09 22 Mar 2004

Totally-braindead. Not slower, you gave more information! ;o)

madboy33©® is correct in saying that "Word" would most likely not come with your PC but "Works" or "Works Suite" may do and this will be on a separate CD. j.

  samson1235 10:30 23 Mar 2004

i tried putting the discs in, got a couple of things back, but i need a word processer. preferbly word.

  JerryJay 10:37 23 Mar 2004

How did you get Word in the 1st place?

  edstowe 11:16 23 Mar 2004

You could install click here it's free and completely compatible with Word.


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