losing voice in games

  staples printer cartridge 14:30 20 Sep 2006

I have an Audigy 2 ZS and suddenly today voices in games don't work. For example TOCA RAce Driver 2 I have all the sound effects but no sounds on cut scenes at all; Beyond Good & Evil has no sound on the intro screen or when characters speak to each other but I do get fighting type sounds in combat.

Music files play fine inWindows. Any ideas please?

  billypilgrim 14:47 20 Sep 2006

As a guess I would say its something to do with your speakers. Do you have a 5.1 setup? Effects, music etc will come through your L,R and rear speakers, but Dialogue comes through the center speaker, so if that is faulty, or not properly connected, then you will get no 'voices'. Check your wiring to your center speaker.

  ACOLYTE 15:00 20 Sep 2006

Have you turned the music off in game?,some games require music to be on for cut scene dialog.

  staples printer cartridge 17:44 20 Sep 2006

reinstalled drivers and it seems to work fine now.

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