Losing time?

  manrow 09:57 05 Aug 2008

My desktop computer keeps very accurate time when switched on, but overnight is loses anything up to 5 hours - why?

Could this be the small internal battery about to fail?

  MAJ 09:59 05 Aug 2008

Yes the CMOS battery on the motherboard needs replacing.

  birdface 10:19 05 Aug 2008

Like MAJ says probably the CMOSS battery but not always.Make sure that the internet date and time is set to automatic.Some folk have replaced the battery only to find that they have the same problem.So maybe try another clock.I am sure someone will come up with a good replacement one for you to try.Googled and came up with this one. click here I have never tried it so maybe better waiting to see if you get anymore information about your problem.

  crosstrainer 10:24 05 Aug 2008

You can buy a CR2032 from the likes of Tesco Asda etc for a couple of quid.

Replacement is easy, but you will need to re-set your BIOS time, date, and boot order after re-booting.

  manrow 10:28 05 Aug 2008

Thank you all.

Since I will lose internet connection when I open case to change battery, is there anyway I can identify the motherboard fitted so I can verify it needs a CR2032?

  crosstrainer 10:32 05 Aug 2008

How old is the computer? It is very unlikely to use anything else. Make and model?

  birdface 10:35 05 Aug 2008

click here this will tell you what motherboard that you are using.

  manrow 11:16 05 Aug 2008

Brilliant response - this really is a great forum!

Thanks a million!

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