Losing Signal to monitors ingame but sound/speech remains on teamspeak?

  HarryP22 22:42 08 Apr 2015

Hey guys, got a pretty annoying problem going on and cant seem to fix it. Recently (past week) my home build that has ran fine for the last 17 months has started to "crash". Everytime it has happened is mid way through playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, basically the game will stutter for a second and the screens (2 of them) will lose signal and the last second of sound will loop continuosly. However when it happens i can still hear and talk to people on teamspeak but My friends tell me ive stopped CS:GO and logged out of steam, the screens never recover signal until i do a manual reboot. This issue has only happened in CS:GO, its done it about 10 times now. My temps from speedfan and HWMonitor are Temp1: 36 Degrees (not sure) Temp2: 33 Degrees (CPU) Temp3: 12 Degrees (not sure) Temp4: 28 Degrees (SSD) Temp5: 25 Degrees (HD) Temp6: 36 Degrees (GPU) The CPU and GPU rise by about 5-10 degrees while ive been playing for a bit. Ive also cleaned the whole pc with compressed air, removed and replace every bit of hardware including unplugging replugging all cables. Ive also done Memtest which came back fine on both sticks of RAM and ran 3DMark Stress test for all tests which came back that my PC is Above 70% of pcs and the temps only ever reached 54 Degrees on GPU. I have also done a clean install of the GPU driver, tried downgrading drivers and using the BETA drivers, updated all windows updates, cleaned and defragmented pc, ran virus scans, All ok. My specs are: CPU - AMD FX-8350 MOBO - Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 RAM - Corsair Vengeance 4x2 DDR3 (8GB) GPU - Gigabyte AMD RADEON HD 7950 (3GB DDR5) PSU - XFX Pro Series 650W SSD - Samsung Pro series (128GB) HD - Western Digital (1TB) I also use 2 benQ 24 inch LED screens if it matters. Im completely lost as what to do about it :( any help would be greatly appreciated, if you need any more info please just ask.

  Devil Fish 23:46 08 Apr 2015

try different HDMI lead had this sort of problem on boys xbox turned out to be a faulty lead

  wee eddie 00:15 09 Apr 2015

You have not said that your monitors were showing a "No Signal" Logo. So one has to assume that the Graphics Card is still functioning. But it may be overheating.

Might be worth while having it out and taking its cover off

  HarryP22 00:19 09 Apr 2015

the screens go get a No signal recieved logo come up (both at the same time) Also my graphics card is reaching 45 degrees. This is not hot.

  wee eddie 02:10 09 Apr 2015

Why do you believe your thermometers? They are just as likely to be faulty as any other part of the system.

Assuming that you are not gaming, does the computer function normally?

  HarryP22 20:58 09 Apr 2015

yes the pc functions normally and has never crashed on anything but cs:go

  wee eddie 21:16 09 Apr 2015

I'm not exactly Einstein but something appears to be shutting down, possibly to protect itself, and overheating is the most common cause.

I know that you have cleaned it but, I suggest a more thorough investigation of the Graphics Card's airflow

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