losing saved letters in open office win 10

  johnnyrocker 18:44 27 Jun 2016

in the last 24 hours i have written 2 important letters which i wanted to save to my documents, i saved the first one as word 2000/xp got the usual warning that if saved in that format it might not work when trying to access etc, the problem is they have both dissapeared and i cant find them, any ideas please


  hastelloy 08:24 28 Jun 2016

How are you trying to open them? If from within Open Office does the file type say "All files"?

  johnnyrocker 20:57 02 Jul 2016

my problemis i am unable to find the saved letters

thanks for your attention johnny

  AroundAgain 21:27 02 Jul 2016

Have you tried using Search in File Explorer? If yes, what happened?

  johnnyrocker 21:56 02 Jul 2016

it comes back non found from memory

thanks for help


  lotvic 22:11 02 Jul 2016

Are you saying you don't remember the file name or where you saved them to?

In Open Office Writer, click on 'File' and then on the > triangle next to 'Recent Documents' and see if they are listed there.

Also I expect you have already, in Windows File Explorer, looked in My Documents.

  Wendy 16:14 03 Jul 2016

Maybe it saved them to the last place you saved to? That may not have been Documents.

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