Losing internet connection after terminating phone call

  compumac 10:42 03 Feb 2012

I have a difficult relative who lives some distance from me with a problem with his internet connection. Regrettably he gets very grumpy when trying to discuss with him the problem to the extent that you begin to feel that you were responsible for his problem in the first place. In all the years I have spent helping people with PC problems he is the most awkward person ever and if he was not a relative I would just put the phone down on him.

He makes life difficult to help him as when asking for help over the phone he claims to follow your instruction, but you know he is clicking on other areas whilst following(?) those instructions. His current particular problem seems to be that if, whilst connected to the internet he makes/receives a phone call, 9 times out of 10 he loses the internet connection on him closing that call, and has to wait some five minutes or so before that internet connection is resumed. He has a Thomson TG585 V8, A BT Freelance XD100 phone. There is one BT socket in the house.

I am losing patience and would welcome any advice - except putting the phone down, as he will invariably come back.

  Jollyjohn 11:09 03 Feb 2012

Most likely a faulty filter. Try changing it and if there is no improvement contact BT as it is likely to be a line fault.

  compumac 11:17 03 Feb 2012


Filter has been changed and BT say (via his provider) that there is no fault on the line.

  Jollyjohn 11:35 03 Feb 2012

Cant think what else would cause disconnection. Is it possible to try a different phone?

  onthelimit1 11:37 03 Feb 2012

Is there other telephone equipment in the house not fitted with a filter? Duff or missing filter is the only reason that I know of for this symptom.

  rdave13 11:41 03 Feb 2012

If he is using a cordless 'phone and the PC is connected wirelessly then it might be an option to change the channel the router is broadcasting.

  compumac 12:13 03 Feb 2012

I tried in the first place to establish by a process of elimination the cause of the problem.

Initially I asked him to change the filter and he did(?).

I asked him to check and change the telephone cable from BT socket to router but he had great difficulty in grasping which cable that was. I asked him to obtain an analogue phone, try that and he did(?)


No other equipment in the house.


He says his provider apparently remotely changed his router channel.

The main problem is that he is not meticulous in his approach to any problem so that when questioned the answers are varied.

I shall have to start all over again with him on the phone by eliminating each possibilty one by one. Unfortunately his ability and knowledge of anything PC connected is, in a nutshell - useless, and he gets agitated if you repeat the question.

I know the opinions being expressed - Leave him to it,you cannot help people who get annoyed with the person helping.

  rdave13 12:19 03 Feb 2012

Wonder how they remotely changed the router channel?

  compumac 12:38 03 Feb 2012

rdave13 The gentleman from the provider who was not of UK origin used remote access to do this it is claimed.

  compumac 12:41 03 Feb 2012

Remote access = something akin to Teamviewer

  amonra 12:49 03 Feb 2012

I had similar problems with a friend of mine losing sync whenever an incoming or outgoing call occured. In his case it was due to the extreme length of the BT line to his house, he could only just get BB to work, so that ANY disturbance on the line would cause a drop out. Is your relative in that position ? If so, then there is virtually no way of ensuring a decent service. Good luck, and lots of patience !

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