Losing Internet connection

  Yimbo 16:27 12 May 2010

This may not be the proper place to ask about Apple iBook - but - - here goes! After around 8 minutes, my wife's iBook loses its internet connection. The computer does not shut down, but she has to keep on re-connecting to the Google page. She's wirelessly connected, and though we both use the same router, I don't have any similar problems with my PC. I'd appreciate any views on what might be causing this. Thanks!

  Graham. 17:07 12 May 2010

Try another channel on the router? Something like a fridge may be causing errors.

  woodchip 17:13 12 May 2010

If running on battery, instead of mains the laptop modem may be shutting down to conserve battery, this can be stopped in Windows Device Manager as it was doing that on a HP Laptop not long after I bought it. But no Idea where to direct you on a mack

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