Losing Hard Drive Space For No Reason

  redbarron 12:36 07 Jul 2014

Window 7 64-bit

I am noticing my hard drive space getting less and less when installing and the uninstalling software. Of course I expect the free space on the hard drive to get less when installing extra software, but not when I am uninstalling it. Can anyone tell me why please and how I get it back.

I carried out a defrag which clawed back a few GIG even though only 6% needed defragmenting. I've also carried out a clean with CCleaner and got a few hundred MB back. But my hard drive free space is still not back to where it should roughly be.

I've scoured the program files looking for anything that could be using the free space but cannot see anything obvious. Any help appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:59 07 Jul 2014

Installing software will put entries into the registry and create folders and files oyour drive

Uninstalling using the makers uninstall features often leaves some registry entries and folders and files still on the drive so you do not get all your space back.

It can be worth installing using something like Revo to help prevent this happening.

Revo used in Hunter mode even may find left over bits from your previous uninstalls.

  spuds 13:17 07 Jul 2014

Agree about using Revo Uninstaller, but follow the instructions carefully.

Having just partly read an article in the latest copy of a fortnightly computer magazine, they have covered the subject of 'complete' software removal, and they have suggested two software programmes to perhaps try. They are MyUninstaller and The Advanced Uninstaller Pro. Another programme that they have suggested is Wise Program Uninstaller.

I have used Wise programmes, like Wise Care 365, and have found them very effective and easy to use. The other two uninstaller programmes mentioned are new to me, so I will need to check them out further.

  woodchip 14:15 07 Jul 2014

You may be better removing Restore Points then Create a new one, Viruses can gobble Drive Space

  redbarron 15:19 07 Jul 2014

Thanks everyone for your replies.

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

I always uninstall using control panel.


I'll check those out.


I regularly run Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and it always comes back clean.

All but the last System Restore point is deleted. This gave me back 2GB.

For anyone wanting to know how to do this then follow the info in this link.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 07 Jul 2014

Control panel uses the programs own uninstaller.

  john bunyan 16:52 07 Jul 2014

It may be worth installing Treesize free


Start with whole of C drive then expand it to see if you find anything suspicious. I use CCleaner to delete all but the latest 2 restore points etc, and found Adobe Bridge stores masses of thumbnails.

  onthelimit1 17:57 07 Jul 2014

Probably automatic backups If Treesize doesn't do the trick, try WinDirStat.

  redbarron 14:33 10 Jul 2014

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I used Wise Care 365 in the end. Great bit of software. It got back all my lost drive space.

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