Losing emails on POP3 which come through on IMAP account

  cyberphobic 08:26 19 Apr 2012

I use 1and1 for providing several email accounts and hosting a couple of websites. I've never had any problems until a few weeks ago, my wife noticed that there were a significant number of emails she wasn't receiving on one of her POP3 email accounts (loaded on Office for Mac 2011 set up on a Macbook Pro) The same account is set up another machine also as POP3 and the missing emails were not received on that one either. I rang the 1and1 helpline and they took a look and said that there were over 7000 messages sitting in the spam folder, but of course there is no spam folder in a POP3 email. I then deleted the POP3 account on the second machine and reinstalled it as an IMAP account and there were all the missing emails as state by 1and1! Is this normal, seems totally bizarre to me? The obvious solution is for my wife to delete her POP3 account and replace it with an IMAP account, but she has hundreds of business emails stored in different folders going back years and cannot risk losing them. Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem plese?

  mgmcc 08:42 19 Apr 2012

I suspect it isn't a proper POP3 account, which would retrieve all incoming mail including spam, but retrieval by POP3 of messages in the Inbox of a web-based service. Messages which have been filtered out from the Inbox won't, as you've discovered, be downloaded.

IMAP will replicate all of the folders on the server in each of the computers with which it is set up.

What your wife could do initially, to safeguard her saved business mail, is to set up Apple Mail with IMAP to see exactly what is there that needs to be retained. If all her business messages are still there on the server, she could then change Outlook to IMAP too, but would have to set up her various existing folders on the IMAP server.

  HondaMan 09:27 19 Apr 2012

It occurs to me that you should back up those emails immediately onto a local drive, or by printing them out. Leaving them to the tender mercies of the web is very risky.

  birdface 10:19 19 Apr 2012

The last couple of weeks I have noticed a drop in e-mails arriving.But different accounts.MSN.Com and Live.Co.Uk.

I know of 2 e-mails that were sent to me but never arrived.I downloaded Mailwasher Pro about the same time so just deleted that in case that was the problem.

  Woolwell 11:52 19 Apr 2012

I hesitate to disagree with mgmcc but I'm not sure what he means by proper POP3. For instance if you have an Orange account then Orange will trap spam, it will trap spam and you have to go to webmail to view it. Google mail has a spam filter. Outlook 2007 doesn't automatically download the Gmail spam folder yet Thunderbird will.

IMO IMAP is a better system especially if your are using more than one system. I use 1and1 for IMAP and don't have a problem.

Have you checked the 1&1 spam filter settings? 1and1 spam filer faq. Perhaps if you change that then all of the spam messages could be downloaded ie they do not have to be moved to the spam folder.

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