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losing DVD drive "D" after reinstalling Windows

  dangerus1 09:00 16 Jan 2016

After I reinstalled Windows on my laptop which was successful when switching on D drive DVDRW shows in my Computer after a while it disappears. How can I get it back permanently?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:47 16 Jan 2016

What operating system?

  dangerusone 10:10 16 Jan 2016

Windows 7, the D drive appears when I hover over cmputer but when I open Computer in the taskbar? turns green and when it reaches the end the drive diappears. I hope you can understand my way of explanation as I'm not too good with terminology.

  alanrwood 11:14 16 Jan 2016

Have you set the File Explorer/Folder options in Control Panel or Windows Explorer to show all drives even when empty. The default after a reinstall is to hide empty drives.

  dangerusone 11:49 16 Jan 2016

Alanrwood, I'll have a look at thatwhen I go back to it. I'm on my computer as my emails is not set set up, it's granddaughters Laptop. I had it showing and managed to put a CD containing photo's but after a while everything froze with message not responding. I couldn't even shut down without using the on/off button.I wondered if the drivers for the DVDRW could be to blame.

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